Jonathan Chance

You have mischaracterized my post.

I had it right the first time. It’s not about Trump. Please refrain from adding your personal bias to my thoughts.

What was the original subject line?

Without the ‘Trump’ part. It’s about why republicans don’t try to win across the board - in other words, why not endorse the candidate that has the best chance against Hillary.
It’s not about Trump. That’s JCs spin.

We’re supposed to used “descriptive titles” so people have some idea what the thread is about. How is anyone supposed to determine that from your original title? You say your OP is not about Trump, but I certainly read it that way (and I saw it before the title change).

After Jonathan Chance’s update the title reads as if the OP wants feedback regarding Trump’s thinking. In reality he is looking for feedback regarding the thinking of the Republican Party with regards to Trump. I can see where the OP might feel that the new title no longer reflects what he was asking.

That wasn’t my read of your OP nor that of the reports I got.

Still. If you’d prefer something else that’s more descriptive of your thinking - other than the original title - I’m glad to change it. But please be more specific in the future.

I don’t know; it seemed pretty clear to me, too. The OP is about thinking about Trump, not about thinking by Trump.

So multiple people sent post reports to the moderation team that said “wah, this OP text doesn’t match the title, please do something to change the title”?

This is an odd place.

You think that “Republicans, help me understand the thinking” is a reasonably descriptive thread title?

It’s not that the OP doesn’t match the title, it’s that the title didn’t give much of an idea of what the OP was about.

If you want a title that accurately reflects your ideas, the best strategy is to provide one yourself in the first place.

The title was perfectly clear to me and I for one had no confusion with the title and the OP.

Well this is the board of:

And I can’t help but notice that the OP hasn’t provided a very descriptive title for this thread, either. :wink:

Which I only mention because lack of descriptive thread titles is one of those perennial annoyances of all boards which are so easily solved if thread starters would just give it a second or two more thought before posting.

By the way, the quickest and easiest way to solve this problem would have been to report the post or send a PM to the mod in question pointing it out and asking the mod to change edit the title to the way you wanted it.

Is there some reason you didn’t pursue this simple remedy?

Ridiculous. I always use descriptive titles. In these two cases the forum is so narrowly defined that the title I used for each should be understandable.

Still, for the easily bothered I will strive to do better in the future.

They weren’t.

On reflection I see this would have been the proper recourse. Not that it’s an excuse but I was having a really bad day. Really bad.

We all do, from time to time. Send me a PM with a preferred title and I’m glad to change it.

“Republicans, help me understand the thinking”. You really think people will know what that’s about? The thinking about what???

Well, it was in the Election forum…

Thanks JC. It probably won’t matter so just let it ride. I do appreciate the offer.

“Republicans, help me understand the thinking about the Election” still is not “descriptive” in terms of letting people know what, specifically, you want to talk about. Do you really not understand that? The thinking by whom about what specifically? This is not brain surgery.