Jonathan Kellerman fans . Whaddya think is "Cold Heart" his best in awhile?(Spoilers)

I just finished reading " A Cold Heart" a couple days ago. I think its his best one in awhile. “The Murder Book” was ummmmm interesting in places but it felt rather patched together. But “A Cold Heart” moved along pretty quickly and was no more improbable than 90% of the rest of the genre’s output. I specially liked the twist even though I decided sometime before the characters that Kevin was most likely already dead.

Alex’s character is I have to admit a bit **to ** perfect. He needs to yell and scream at Robin… I would if she had pulled that shit on me. All her hyperventilating about his dangerous activities and then letting him spend mega money on Paris just to say “Oh by the way I got a job and leave in three days for an extended tour acroos the country. Oh yeah and I am taking the dog as well.” Have a nice trip don’t come back! :smiley:

And it is interesting to finally be seeing Milo through Milo’s eyes instead of the filter of Alex’s perceptions. That was the part I really liked about “Murder Book” getting a little more contact to Milo and Rick’s life.

I hope he does some more with Petra. I’m not certain whether I liked her new partner or not.

And am the only person who’d like Alex to go to Israel and team up Daniel Sharavi again?