Jonathan Pollard: Release or Don't Release

How so? You think Netanyahu personally gives a shit about what happens to Pollard?

Here’s NPR’s coverage of his release.

Some Israeli public reaction:

His lawyers have now sued to change the terms of his Federal parole:

Very much so as a political talking point.

Lines like this are why I am a Doper.


An update:

Um that “update” is 7 month old. The election that is being mentioned as a release date has come and gone and I couldn’t find any indication that he was returned to Israel so the speculations in that article are demonstrably false. He’s going to be released in a couple of months anyway according to the conditions of his parole so it is extremely unlikely that he will get an early release at this point.

I’m not quite sure why you felt this article necessitated the bumping of a 5 year old thread.

:: shrugs :: I came across it while looking up something else, and it’s the most recent news on Pollard that I found.

Pollard released from further conditions; will emigrate to Israel.