JonBenet Ramsey

Mr. Ramsey is in the news claiming he was tied up and robbed. Who do you think killed JonBenet?
A year after JonBenet’s murder, police basically have two theories about the case:

                       1. that someone entered the Ramseys' house through unknown
                       means, possibly sexually abused then brutally, yet silently,
                       killed JonBenet, hid her body, took the time to write a long
                       ransom note, then left unheard and unseen;

                       2. or that someone who was in the house that night committed
                       the horrible crime.

I think 2 is what happened. She was killed by relatives or someone who knew her.
I think the ransom note is fake. It says “We are a group of individuals that represent a small foreign faction”. However, the note and JonBenet’s body were found
inside the house, so I don’t think internaional terrorists were involved. It was someone inside the house Christmas night.
Whoever, wrote the note knew the Ramsey’s well. They asked for $118,000, which is the exact amount Mr. Ramsey got as an Xmas bonus.

The brother, Burke, has been ruled out by police. The McReynolds seem like good suspects:
Bill and Janet McReynolds
Bill McReynolds, 67, played Santa Claus at the Ramsey home two days before JonBenét’s murder. Oddly, it turns out that on
12/26/74, the McReynoldses’ 9-year-old daughter was abducted with a friend and forced to watch as the friend was sexually
molested. The girls were released, but two years later Janet, 64, wrote an award-winning play, Hey, Rube, about a woman who
is sexually assaulted, tortured and murdered, and whose body is found in a basement. These eerie parallels prompted Boulder
police to collect hair and handwriting samples from them both. (Today Show interview , 1/31/97).

I think the McReynolds did it, or they were framed by someone who knew them, like the Ramseys. The Ramseys have their own website:

It’s ironic the movie Ransom came out in 1996. Maybe the killers got some ideas from the movie. Also, it’s ironic that the Columbine school shooting also
happened in Colorado 2 and a half years later in Littleton, Colorado, not far from Boulder.

O.J. Simpson and John Ramsey are both in the news again about different crimes in the same week? How coincidental is THAT?

Say what???

WHOOSH me if you must, but I fail to see the irony in either.

The parents did it. The cops know they did it, but for whatever reason they don’t feel they have enough evidence to prosecute. One of the reasons the case was so high-profile is because the authorities were regularly holding press conferences, releasing new information, and mildly manipulating the press in order to keep a constant pressure of public scrutiny on the parents in the hope that one or both of them would crack and deliver a confession.

Unfortunately, anyone who has read John Douglas’ books knows about this type of tactic, and the Ramseys know that only their own admission will be enough to send them up the river. Normally, in cases of team murderers, one can be induced to rat out the other with promises of immunity or plea bargaining, but I guess there isn’t enough evidence to allow the police to decide which party is less guilty, and it would be embarassing for the murderer to be granted immunity while the accomplice goes to trial. So they’ve managed to ride out the publicity storm and are now free to live with their own, apparently miniscule, consciences.

Wait’ll they get divorced. Then we’ll start seeing some fireworks.