Jordan Peele's NOPE (spoilers after OP)

Coulda been a “this works, don’t change it” reaction? As in, Jupe had found out that the aliens [sic] WOULD “take” horses, so he just assumed that that was their [sic] preference, or didn’t want to mess with the pattern?

As you note, Jupe was clearly pretty messed up, and not coming across as the sharpest tool in the shed anyway.

Ooh, another interesting aspect of the sitch, and one that might well have affected the alien’s consumption patterns. But I doubt Jupe was out there with a lab notebook doing deliberate experiments with livestock preferences to maximize ROI.

Also, I think one of the nice things that gives Jordan Peele movies some comic relief is that he really deliberately plays with the horror-movie trope of characters making BAD CHOICES.

Look at the very titles of Get Out and Nope: he is definitely very aware that one of the things that makes the horror genre what it is is that any fool would know that they should, but they don’t.

I just saw the movie, and I’m still not sure how I feel about it. The style and pacing didn’t work as well for me as it apparently did for some of you.

For what it’s worth, this was the first Jordan Peele film I’ve seen. The other movie that this one most reminded me of was Signs (and I have mixed feelings about that one too).

I had trouble believing that an event so horrible would be played for laughs by SNL and Mad. (Although of course Jupe’s embrace of them shows us something about him.)

I also had a problem with them thinking that with the modern prevalence of photo-shop, special f/x apps, snapchat filters, etc. that they were really going to make any money, much less getting anyone to believe them, with a photograph of an object in the sky.

Possibly also spectacle. The spectacle of a horse, running free (or relatively so) at full gallop being scooped up by a Flying Spaghetti Monster beats a goat tied to a stake in the middle of a pen any day.

Anyway, I think this film talked cowboys vs. aliens way better than Cowboys & Aliens did.

Remember, IIRC, that they’ve also got considerable quantities of film footage. Plus there are going to be fragments of actual splody-alien tissue scattered all over the region. Plus all the various regurgitated (?) objects belonging to those forty-odd disappeared people, whose continued absence somebody is bound to be trying to figure out.

I think official forensics teams are going to be pretty active and are going to make it pretty definite that yes folks, there was an actual sun-hide, un-warned, flying-polyp people-eater in this situation. The crucial-moment Polaroids are going to be just the spectacular eye candy, not the sole supporting evidence for the Haywoods’ alien-existence claims.

(And I disagree that the outcome is not going to make them money. Whether or not they can manage to sell the actual footage/photos directly to some media outlets for molto bucks—and I rather suspect that they can—they are absolutely going to be tremendously famous for their role in these events.)

But can you imagine what the conspiracy theorists will do to them? I mean, if they can accuse grieving parents of murdered children of being crisis actors…

Sure, I don’t think any Jordan Peele movie can be accused of giving its protagonists a full recovery and blissful resolution after which they all live happily ever after. “Narrowly evaded horrible death and now exhaustedly resigned to dealing with the next round of shit life throws at you” is about the best any of them can hope for.

So our takeaway was the fake plastic horse with the flags upset its digestive system, making it averse to pennant strings.

Jupe’s “premature” gorge feeding on the 40 guests could have been a purging event, how dogs eat grass and junk to intentionally vomit, which it did on the ranch house.

Jean Jacket then barfs the decoy horse through the windshield after this, indicating the house-vomiting maybe got the fake horse out of his belly??

I think this is the reason there are pigs on the roof after the Jupiter’s Claim attack–pigs can’t look up.

I realized at some point, I guess when I saw the encased bloody shoe displayed as Jupe had it indellible on his mind–how’d he get evidence from a murder scene? Also it had a museum tag and info on it–

Do we know for sure the other two died in the attack? Being lampooned on TV, maybe it was just grave injuries…?

So we saw Nope last night. Overall, fun and entertaining. We both noticed this only had previews for movies with a black cast before it which was fine by us. They all looked good, especially The Woman King, with Viola Davis, and Beast, with Idris Elba.

As for the movie, it was fun and entertaining and we talked about it with friends and the two of us. To me, that’s a successful movie!

Having said that, I don’t think it’s something I will watch again because as I think of it, there were issues. I think it can be summed up, based on what everyone else said, on our knowledge of the creature. That was my comment. I’m torn on whether they showed us just enough for what we need to know about it? Or if they left too much a mystery around it?

What my wife noticed, to explain Antlers, was that when they called him, he was watching footage of ways to die. She speculated he was looking for an interesting way to die. I think he even says to Angel that “he’s not interesting enough?” So him going out the way he did makes sense from that angle.

I love the SD for the discussion and pointing out things I missed, like Jupe still trying to control nature.


Of course, I’m a nit picker as well, so writing that did make me think of questions.

Why do aliens always knock out electronics? I mean, intelligent aliens doing that to stop being recorded, I understand. An animal? Why could it do that? Was it an animal? What was the straight lines and box inside it? This goes back to my comment of did they explain enough about it or not? Where is it from? What was the black box? Why was it mostly an oval but then at the end it wasn’t? How can it even tell, as big as it is, whether something is looking at it or not? Seemed like me being able to tell an ant was looking at me?

Speaking of EMPs, it’s my understanding that it wrecks any non protected electronics. Ruins them. It’s not that they have to be off, as most movies show, but protected such as in a faraday cage. Further, while the record player may keep going after losing power, the amp and speakers wouldn’t. Basically, all of the modern gear and cars would be dead, not disabled while it’s around. I don’t know if this sort of thing gets a pass as a “move trope” and accepted or if I’m wrong?

(I’m wrong: Electromagnetic Pulses - Six Common Misconceptions | Domestic Preparedness)

As to other aspects, in the early scenes, OJ and Emerald muttered a lot or my hearing is worse than I thought because I couldn’t make out half of what they said. Same for Antlers. Even movie theater level sound didn’t help. I caught that they explained the dad’s death due to airplane debris, even though you later figure out it’s the creature, but not sure they had much news going to explain that? Or why didn’t we see more missing persons or people looking for them?

There is a lot of good, though. OJ was taken aback by the kids dressed as aliens because Jupe hadn’t shown that yet. Jupe was buying the horses to feed the creature and keep it around. Using the fake horse and figuring out it didn’t like the flag rope (blanking on the name) and using that.

I like nit picking so this is fun for me, also why I like the SD. I don’t see me watching it again but it’s fun to discuss and think about.


Thought of another nit pick I had forgot about. I know Emerald was listening to vinyl so when the power got cut it made sense for the music to slooooow dooooown in the creepy way they like to use in movies.
But they used the same effect with the music being played in Angel’s work van which made no sense. If it was radio, streaming, mp3, cd, or cassette none of those sloooow doooown audilby when losing power and I’m pretty sure he wasn’t listening to vinyl in his van.

:rofl: ISWYDT

I can buy that the alien had to puke up a bunch of blood after overeating, but the fact that it chose to dump the blood all over the house the protagonists were in is either an incredible coincidence or a deliberately malicious act, which would suggest the alien has an understanding of human psychology, which doesn’t seem supported by anything else in the film.

I LOLed at this line from the New Yorker review:

“Nope” is at once a summer blockbuster and a clarion call to grad students, urging them to open their laptops and start drafting a thesis entitled “Baudrillard, Debord, and the Peelean Commodification of the West as Spectacle”.

Weirdly there was a line that called attention to that exact thing in the trailer that did not actually appear in the film. It was something like, “They must like you, they repainted your house [with blood.]”

It was throwing up because the fake horse plugged it.

I gotta say that this whole discussion is just showing me how much more limited my own cryptozoological imagination is than I had realized. Suitably humbled.

So what do you guys make of the blue-green aperture mouth/eye thing?

? I don’t see anything at your link…

Try this. Sorry.

The square eye/aperture/whatever that was kinda took me out of it honestly. Made the alien look like a craft project.