Josie (Steely Dan)--about a real person/event?

Is the Steely Dan song Josie about a real person? The whole “motor scooters” and “park in the street” thing sounds to banal to be made up.

I’m asking for a friend (as if that meant anything). :slight_smile:

A friend told me he knew josie once!
he said that when she comes home its so good…and that she’s actually the pride of the neighbourhood…bit of a live wire too



I would kill for a book or website that provides detailed analyses on ALL Steely Dan songs, I love that band, but don’t understand even their most basic songs- for years I had no idea what Haitian Divorce was about (woman leaving husband, going to Caribbean and coming back with mixed breed baby). I’m sure a lot of the lyrics (i.e. My Old School) are in-jokes among the members, but it would still be good to know the references.

Here you go!

That site has absolutely nothing worthwhile to say about “Josie.” Anybody can play their game.

Compare this to Neil Young, from “Like a Hurricane”

What a perfect and perfectly unexpected juxtaposition. When you hear hurricane you expect storm and fury, yet the majestic blue sky peacefulness of the interval between howling winds evokes the nature of the woman who intervenes between bouts of masculine petulance to right all wrongs.


Awesome- many thanks minlokwat! I should have known there is a website for everything!

[tapping foot]
I’m still waiting for a real answer. I know SOMEONE has heard an interview with B and/or F where they said something about Josie.


I’ll ask them when I see them in concert in July. :smiley: