journalism error term

One of the most frustrating things I know of is when I’m reading an article in the newspaper. and there is a reference to a person, by the last name, without any introduction or explanation. The usual reason for this is that in the original version of the article, the reporter had a section that described the individual, but the editor took out that paragraph, without changing the later text.

I remember once hearing that there is a term for that phenomenon, but I can’t remember the term. Anyone know?

When I wrote for a daily paper and this occurred in one of my court or meeting articles, I called the phenomena “My editor is a brainless ninny with defecation occupying his parietal region.”

A more universally accepted term may exist, however. :slight_smile:

This page:

discusses the phenomena, but doesn’t give it a name.

I suppose “missing first reference” would fit, but I imagine you were looking for something a little more glamorous-sounding.