JPEG associations causing Windows Explorer to crash (I think)

Got a problem:

I’ve got ACDSee 5.0, Paint Shop Pro 7, plus a whole bunch of other photo-editing programs that I rarely even use. Currently, all image files (JPEG, GIF, BMP, etc.) are associated with ACDSee.

Lately, however, merely viewing the file list in Windows Explorer (the file manager, not the browser) is causing W.Explorer to crash. Many of these files are screenshots I’ve taken in Civilization 4, then cropped with Paint Shop Pro 7; I’ve done this before without a problem, but never on this scale.

I’m thinking, the association with ACDSee is causing the problem. Previously, whenever I view a list of image files in W.Explorer, it would take several seconds for the “icon” to appear next to the file, and I could hear my HD spin as the file was read. (For some folders, especially Zip discs & DVDs with 1000’s of images, this could take a LONG TIME.)

However…I cannot figure out how to properly re-associate the filetypes for a different program other than ACDSee.

Tried Folder Options -> File Types and associated everything to PSP7. It worked, in the sense that clicking the file will open PSP7 and not ACDSee; however, the icon in W.Explorer is still the laggy, crashy ACDSee icon. (And the File Type still lists the “default” association as ACDSee, not PSP.)

Tried turning off the option that displays file information in a pop-up when you hover the mouse over the file – that crashed W.Explorer entirely, in fact Task Manager had problems shutting down the program.

Did check for viruses/spyware, ran Diskeeper & CHKDSK (a nightmare in itself, but we’re past that now) – no problems found in those areas.

I’m stumped. Can anyone help??

I thought TweakUI had an option to reset the image file associations to their defaults, but apparently the XP version doesn’t.

Here’s a utility that does it.

It worked!! Thank you!!!
:insert happydance smiley here: