Judge Moore Suspended

Where does the Judicial Inquiry Commission receive the power to suspend an elected official? How are members appointed to the commission?


This page has a history of the Texas Judicial Qualifications Commission, which I think is the same Commission referred to in that article. The Commission was created by an amendment to the Texas Constitution.

How can a Texas commission have power over an Alabama judge?

The selection and general rules of the Alabama Judicial Inquiry Commission are set forth in the Constitution of the State of Alabama (Adobe format).
Google cached HTML version:

In this case, someone filed a complaint upon Justice Moore’s announcement that he was not going to comply with the Federal court.


I am really stupid, and typed the wrong state into Google, is how.

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Alabama’s Constitutional amendment creating their commission can be found here. (PDF file)

Source: http://www.law.emory.edu/11circuit/mar2001/00-14137.man.html