Judge to Britney: Sorry, you skanky ho...

Britney Spears wanted to sue Us magazine for their story that she was worried about a sex video getting out. Said the judge, since Britney has


Does this mean she may finally go away and take her skanky husband with her? Okay, I realize it menas no such thing – but I can dream, can’t I?

Oh I love that the judge said that!

In response, she’d probably just say, “We’re country, we wore red latex bodysuits and made out with Madonna all the time when I was a kid! We’re country.”

In order to be defamatory, wouldn’t the story somehow have to cause people to lower their opinion of Britney? If so, how is it possible for any story about her to be dafamatory?

If this is true, why in the world would you view it with your lawyers? What purpose could that possibly serve?

I think we’re stuck with her forever alas. And worse yet, Paris Hilton will probably be around for the foreseeable future.

That’s where politicians have it over celebrities. At least you can vote them out of office. Dan Quayle never stares at me from the supermarket check out line. But Kevin Federline will still be on the cover of the National Enquirer until his skanky corpse is lowered into the ground. And even that won’t be the end of it because they’ll be ghost sightings everywhere. Kurt Cobain’s making a fortune even though he’s dead. Even Audrey Hepburn has apparently been whored out to dance in commercials by her heirs.

Mostly true, but Newt seems to refuse to die.

Maybe the Federlines are swingers, and thought that the lawyers would be interested in joining them.

“If at all possible, involve a cow.”

CNN breaking news. Britney has filed for divorce.

I wonder who gets custody of the sex tape? :smiley:

I’m shocked, just shocked. :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

Somehow I’m sure gays wanting to be married is the cause of this.

Guess he needed some more publicity for the album. In the ensuing press to get statements from the two, I wonder how often he’ll mention it.