Jugs - different color caps

How is it that competing dairies can both agree and disagree on the same thing? Around here, jugs of whole milk, no matter the size or dairy, come with a red cap. But, there’s no agreement for the other types of milk - 1% from Gustafson may be light blue, while 1% from Publix green, 2% from Gustafson may be purple, while Publix is light blue, and so on. (colors used here are merely examples, I am not that much of an analyst)

If they agree for one “type” of milk, why not all. If they are going to be different, isn’t it a wierd coincidence that they all chose red for whole milk?

It’s a plot to drive the american populace insane…

No really, I have no idea. In my locale, all the caps match.

Damn, I thought we were going to be talking about areolar pigmentation. I’m leaving.

Fooled me too, only I thought it was going to be about nipple color.