Julian Assange (Wikileaks) in UK Ecuador Embassy almost a Year

"He has been hiding from the law in a cramped basement room at the embassy for nearly a year. By the time the anniversary falls on June 19, policing costs are expected to have gone beyond £4.2million.

There are believed to be eight officers on duty at any one time. A red police car and a white police van are parked opposite the embassy, which occupies part of a red-brick apartment block near Harrods."

Luckily the British police don’t have anything better to do. Does the U.S. also have people there watching?

If I had to rank police priorities, “watching to make sure a known fugitive in a known location doesn’t escape from facing questions over allegations that he committed serious crimes” would actually rank fairly high. So maybe they don’t actually have anything better to do.

The UK should seize Ecuadorean assets to pay for it if it’s too expensive. It’s pretty pathetic that Ecuador decries the existence of the free and popular British administration of the Falkland Islands as “colonialism” while at the same time using its diplomatic privileges to invade two sovereign countries’ judicial systems and overrule their legitimate processes.

Why would we? He’s not wanted in the US for anything, altho I sincerely hope that he’s been entered on a list of personas non gratis.

Assange & his defenders have raised the conspiracy-theory idea that the rape trial is ruse to get into the US, altho as I’ve said he’s not wanted in the US for anything, so this theory seems to hang on the idea that the US government is a cartoon villain who does eeeeeevil things just for the hell of it.

Really, if you read the Wikipedia articles on Assange, it becomes clear that the guy is basically a professional parasite, who lives by mooching off supporters. His “The US is secretly orchestrating my doom” theory has the really obvious self-serving purpose of allowing him to stay living as a guest of the Ecuadorean people for a year now.

"WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange is expected to hold a news conference later Monday in London, during which he may indicate he is considering leaving the Ecuadorian Embassy where he has been holed up for two years, Sky News is reporting.

It has been suggested that Assange may need hospital treatment and that any move could be to address suspected health problems."

So now he will be extradited to Sweden–and receive a few months probation?

Considering how they have actually treated Bradley Manning (and regardless of whether it was justified or not), it is very hard for a rational observer not to believe that the US authorities would dearly love to get their hands on Assange, and that they would not treat him kindly. His fears are clearly very well justified (and this is true whatever one may believe about his actions or his character). It is not a matter of being “eeeeeevil for the hell of it”. From the US security services perspective, they have very good reasons to be very angry with Assange. It would be weird if they were not out to get him.

Manning was a US soldier under US jurisdiction charged with a crime under US law.

Assange is not currently charged with or suspected of any crime under US law.

Eh, doesn’t sound like he’s exactly living the high-life in the embassy basement. If he just wanted to mooch, he doubtless has better opportunities on the outside. Hell, a Swedish prison probably would be close to equivalent to what he has now.

I seriously doubt the US is going to go after him in Sweden, but I think Assange probably honestly believes they might.

Anyhoo, I was kind of hoping he’d make some sort of dramatic get-away attempt. Riding out in a laundry basket or something. Not that he would’ve made it, but it would’ve been fun to watch the hijinks. Just walking out after a press-conference isn’t very fun.

Have you seen a Swedish prison? They’re nicer than my apartment!

(Although, to be fair, a closet at the Ecuadorean embassy is probably also nicer than my apartment…)

So Assange is considering leaving?

My guess is the Ecuadorians are sick & tired of this freeloader, and have been “suggesting” his departure with escalating insistance.

Storing boxes of files and cleaning supplies in his room is, amusingly, what I immediately envisioned.

Lord, please let it be incontinence.

I see what you did there.

I imagined something more like:

“Look, Julian, if you’re going to have your girlfriend over here so much, we’re going to have to start splitting the rent three ways.”

“No way, Ambassador. You pay half and I pay half, that was the agreement. If Stacey stays here a lot, then I’m going to split my half of the rent two ways.”

“Julian, this has been argued on the SDMB a thousand times. If two people are renting a place and a third moves in, the rent gets split equally three ways! It’s just fair.”

“Stop oppressing me! Screw this, I’m going to go crash with Edward!”

Updating this thread. with Glenn Greenwald the author:

It’s about time that freeloading scofflaw had to face the music.

Given the Wikileaks ties to Russia that have been revealed, does Trump really want Assange extradited to the US for a trial? There could be some embarrassing stuff that might come out.

Assange would offer something on Clinton and Trump would pardon him, in exchange.

The UK better be smart and keep Assange out of Trump’s jurisdiction.

If Mueller wants to talk to the man, it’s a little bit of a flight to England and back, but well worth the price.