Julie Powell, author of "Julie & Julia", dies at 49

The official COD was cardiac arrest. 49 is way too young.

The movie was MUCH better than the book. RIP, Julie.

I didn’t read “Julie & Julia” but I read “Cleaving”. It was interesting but not particularly revelatory. Sad to see someone die young.

I saw the movie and enjoyed it. Bought Julia Child’s Art of French Cooking and immediately made Boeuf Bourignon and was as impressed with it as she was. Though in my case I didn’t burn it the first time around!

She seemed like an interesting person - 49 is too young.

On another note - I know a girl who is an avid anti vaxxer who is convinced she died because of the covid vaccine.

A FBF who followed her blog said that she appeared to have “long COVID” and probably died from that. :frowning:

If you look at comments on any news story about someone under 80 it’s flooded with comments about how the vaccine killed them. Almost as if it’s an organized propaganda campaign.

Yeah, she had covid two months before her death, and it’s not terribly rare for covid to damage the heart and cause a heart attack in the months following.

I ran her obit in the little newspaper I work for. I think my favorite part was her accurate observation that her second book, which covered her infidelity and interest in S&M, probably wouldn’t end up being made into a Nora Ephron movie.