Julie Strain photography

A while back, while looking at random photography sites, I found this great one with a collection of various artists. One impressed me, and it was by a woman named Julie Strain. Unfortunately, recently, the site has disappeared, so I did a quick search on Julie Strain and discovered that this so happens to be the same woman who’s been the subject of many a fantasy artist, a Penthouse model, and “actress” in many a horrible, HORRIBLE low budget movie. I’ve seen one of her “plot driven” movies (Battle Queen), found it horribly lame (even by low-budget movie standards), but aside from various Heavy Metal covers, never knew much about her. Unfortunately, every search I’ve tried to perform only turns up various sites about her modeling and “acting” careers, and even a search on amazon.com gives no help in finding out where one can find any photography that she’s actually taken. Does anyone know if she has a book out there, or where some of her work can be found?

Try this Google search. The third one down on the list is a link to some of her photographs, though they are explicit. (That’s two clicks, right Mods?) There may be more links furthur down the list.

She’s well known in comic book circles as the wife of Kevin Eastman (publisher of Heavy Metal and co-creator of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles).

Elvis, what were the subjects of her photos? Were they cheesecake pics of other models, or what?

Naked women, with a slight S&M bent. Definitely NOT cheescake. Imagine Playboy crossed with “Leather” magazine.

Gee, Lizard, you make it sounds so…Dirty. :slight_smile:

Yeah, it’s erotica, but what I’ve seen has been pretty good. Nothing graphic or overtly lewd, so I appreciate it. She’s no Howard Schatz, but I like the look of a lot of her stuff.

And FlyingDragonFan, I appreciate the effort, but I did a google search myself. Maybe I just didn’t specify it much in my OP, but with the exception of that one page, pretty much everything links to her other work, which I’m not really interested in. I was curious if anyone knew if she had an actual book of her own work. Amazon brought up three books about her, but they all seemed to be more biographies with none of her own work.

Well, her style follows that of Penthouse over the last 5 years or so, which she has modelled for on many occasions. I really don’t look at Penthouse much anymore, but to me, her stuff looks just like their pictorials, but without the hardcore or pink shots. And maybe there’s a little more artistic thought put into them. I don’t think it’s dirty. I don’t find it very appealing in general, actually.
I think the people who help put together sex mags, in any capacity, lead far more varied sex lives than the rest of us and it comes through in their product. But then, they’d have to in order to stay interested in actually having sex.
This is why I don’t look at Penthouse anymore. I got tired of all the S&M overtones, the pissing pictures, the weird shit from Sorayama, the bondage, etc. I just didn’t find it appealing. And I thought Strain’s work was along those lines.