July 2018 Lunar Eclipse

So Saudi Arabia is a prime viewing location for next Friday’s lunar eclipse. The period of totality will last 103 minutes, the longest this century.

(I was also here for a total solar eclipse, by the way.)

I am having a hard time finding out, or figuring out when the eclipse will begin and end here in Dammam, Saudi Arabia. I simply do not know how to work the tables.

Can someone help?

This page here may work for you. It gives me the time in Portland for the eclipse, so it will probably give you the same for your location.

My goodness! That is really a great page. It starts at 17.15 and ends at 23.45 or so.

Thank you so much.

… and remember … never look directly at the sun without eye-protection … even at night …

Saw a pretty close to full eclipse last summer in Colorado. Used a welding helmet to view it. Even that can be a bit dangerous depending on the rating of the glass.

It was pretty cool. Never got dark by any means. It just looked different outside.

A pinhole projector is a way to see it safely. Lots of sites for that. Here is one - DIY Box Pinhole Projector to See a Solar Eclipse

He’s talking about a lunar eclipse, not a solar one. No special precautions are needed for a lunar eclipse, since the brightest object in the sky is the Moon.

Lunar eclipses happen at the same time for everyone on the Earth who can see it: That is to say, if you’re in Saudi Arabia, and you call up a friend in Poland and say “Hey, the eclipse is starting!”, they’ll say “Yeah, I see it”. So once you find any time, it’s just a matter of converting the time zone.

My apologies … too early in the thread for whooshing I guess …


Does Saudi Arabia use UTC? Because that page says it starts at 17:14 UTC. I would expect Saudi to be a couple hours or so ahead of UTC.

In a sense, everybody uses UTC, but local time in Saudi Arabia is always UTC+3.

All the source information can be accessed here (pdfs): NASA - Lunar Eclipse Page