June 20 Terrorism? Debunk this, please!!

Seriously, looking for someone smarter and/or more in the know about this than I to tell me it’s bull . Please.

Link goes to a safe page with no registration required.

Okay, go.

It’s a lot of coincidences, all from anonymous sources, that say a whole lot of nothing.

What he said. The anonymity of the sources is crucial. And much of the comments and events, even if true, are taken so far out of context as to be meaningless. It’s not possible to debunk “A radio ham overheard something from a military base which sounded a bit, y’know, suspicious”.

well…let’s see:

the link warns us that:
the Reverend Moon is leaving the USA (so what?)AND Pres. Putin is not visiting Turkey (also not visiting Brazil, or Equador,or…)
AND China is holding its usual war games (and Taiwan is complaining, as usual
AND the stock market might go down (so what?)
AND the US Navy has ships at sea that “burn tons of diesel fuel” (WOW-!!)
AND Planet X is going to shock the earth and melt the polar ice caps (in one day?)
AND The Federal Reserve is supplying money to the banks, (as usual)

I want to add the vital information that:
My grandmother spilled her tea
AND my cat has been acting funny
Sounds like a real emergency to me

this is tin-foil hat time–not Straight Dope territory.

Even the loonies at Rense.com won’t go as far as generally accepting that rumour as something that even came close to happening:

Even if such a transmission were intercepted by an amateur operator, it doesn’t suggest a terrorist event to the rational mind. What kind of terrorist assigns a hard date (to the hour) over six months in advance? Why would anyone synchronize their timepieces to it? “Okay, everybody, it’s time to manually set the six-foot-high scary digital countdown display in your command centers. Ready? On, one… two…” :rolleyes: You’ve got a known datum, you believe you’re securely scrambled, why increase your margin for error by making every recipient of your transmission calculate the time themselves. Just say June 20th at 5:05 and be done with it, instead of saying “145 days and five minutes,” taking the chance that someone forgets how many days there are in April and arrives a day late for the apocalypse.

Y’know, my cat has also be acting funny, too. I would suspicious if he weren’t.

I leaving out words, too. Not burning dog, though.

No, The Day After.

You know, I’ve noticed that my cat has been taking a lot of photos of military installations. And spending all his fee time on that shortwave radio he claims he got off a robin he ate.

Is this unusual?

Okay, okay. I do feel better now. When I first read it, my bowels turned to liquid. After-effects of 9/11, I guess, even though I wasn’t personally affected by the attacks.

Even so, I think if I lived in NYC, I’d avoid the subways and trains, just in case.

Where did I put my tinfoil hat… I’m sure it’s around here somewhere…