Junior Mint in Abdominal Cavity (from "Seinfeld")

Was watching Seinfeld, where Jerry and Kramer are watching an operation and Kramer is eating Junior Mints. They are watching from a gallery above the patient.

Kramer asks Jerry if he wants one, then tries to force it on Jerry when he declines. Jerry pushes Kramer’s hand out of the way and in the process knocks the Junior Mint Kramer is holding out of this hand and into the abdominal cavity of the man who’s surgery they are watching.

OK so here is the question, in real life what would happen if a Junior Mint was placed into the abdominal cavity and sewn up?

What ever else, assuming it was left there, might happen; there would be a law suit.

Unless it caused complications, how would anyone know? IIRC in the episode none of the medical staff noticed it falling in.

Even then, I doubt it would a) show up on any diagnostic tests/imaging b)last very long in the moist warm environment of the abdomen it being mostly sugar.

If it caused infection, then it would probably be put down to post-operative infection, which happens sometimes without there being any negligence on the part of the medical staff (it’s a risk with all medical procedures).

Since Junior Mints are water-soluble, it would eventually dissolve and be excreted, regardless of a possible infection.

Junior Mints have antibiotic properties.

“I have no medical evidence to back me up but, something happened during the operation that staved off that infection. Something beyond science. Something perhaps, from above…”

I can tell you that if you get one stuck in your throat, there’s a good chance it might kill ya.

/choked on a Junior Mint while seeing Dumb & Dumber in the theatre

I imagine that you are watching the end of it now…as am I…on Fox…

and well, I have to say…I know nothing of junior mints in the body, but I love this episode :wink:

Apparently over 1,500 surgery patients per year leave the hospital carrying around an extra sponge or surgical instrument. :eek:

I started a thread like this, but it was not very popular.