Junkyard Good Fortune

Went prowling around the junkyard today. Here’s what I found:

A mini-van, with about 100 CD’s in a big ole case. Guy had some damn good taste in music. Got about 40 CD’s, lots of “Greatest Hits” stuff, including Motorhead (2 discs!), a bunch of metal and blues, a primo disc of Dark Side of the Moon and no less than 14 Jimi Hendrix discs, including some I don’t already have. I now have Live at Fillmore East. Bonus!

I needed a stereo for the kid’s car with a USB input. I wandered around looking, didn’t find anything good. Walked out and called the wife to meet her for lunch. She was running way late, so I told her to call me when she was ready.

Went back into the yard, and saw a faceplate for a real nice Kenwood with USB and Pandora and all kind of mean ugly stuff in the middle of nowhere. I picked it up and thought, “Boy, I sure wish I knew which car this came out of”.

Humm… Why not try to find it?

Wandered around for a few minutes, foot hurting from walking on the gravel, and saw a Maxima with a face-less stereo (out of hundred of cars like that), and the pin configuration looked right. Pull the faceplate out and, “Pop”, right into place!

I yank the unit out, check the model number, and DAMN! Found it! Got it home and it bench tests perfect! :wink:

Not a bad day. Made it to lunch with the wife. First time in a long time.

Holy crap. Lucky day indeed.

Chance favors the prepared mind.

Prepared mustard flavors Chinese.

I use to buy cars at auctions for my father’s wrecking yard. Best finds was a Rolex watch still in the bag with the receipt. Someone bought it brand new and lost it under the back seat of a 69 Ford LTD. Also found a Snap On tool chest full of tools. The box was a 50th anniversary gold chest. Traded it for a newly rebuilt Ford 302.

Now you mention it, today is a perfect day for junkyard prowling–Sunny, mid-50s, work’s becoming a bit of a grind. And Chinese for lunch is definitely gonna happen.

Today, I get to go to the DMV, in California! :eek:


Makes any junkyard seem like paradise.

No comment of west coast DMVs but my local is impressively effed up. I have not seen organization like that since the pyromaniacs convention in the fireworks factory.

Wait till you try a DMV in San Antonio Texas. A friend of mine had to move there, from Fairbanks, Alaska, as she was following her Air Force husband.

She went to the DMV to get a Texas license and was startled when the clerk told her about having to take a driving test, provide proof of citizenship, and all other sorts of documentation. When said friend asked why she was told “We don’t take licenses from foreign countries.”

How much does the yard charge for that?

My God! I’m done, but man was that place a Bureau of Inertia.

Well, it really depends on who is running the check-out that day. :wink: Could be anywhere from $15 to $50. I got there a lot and am inclined to get a break now and then. They’ll say, “Aw, just an old radio, no wires and missing knobs”. I only buy stuff on the “half-price” days, anyway.

Prices: http://www.picknpull.com/part_pricing.aspx?LocationID=69&NavItem=10&SearchCriteria=&#partpricing

How much did they charge you for the CDs?