Juno ISP sucks

Juno sucks. It won’t let me get on before 4:00 A.M. because of “traffic problems”. My butt. I think It’s a scam to get me to use their paying service. I won’t fall for it. I’ll change to Yahoo. And what classifies “before” 4:00 A.M.? 4:01 could be before 4:00 without a time frame. Who here thinks Juno sucks? I could use some agreement.

Actually, they are the best I found & I use them frequenly for my friends. Arent a lot of free ISPs around. Why don’t you try NetZero?

Actually, Juno is trying to encourage people to upgrade to a paid service by making it harder to log on during peak times and telling you that you may get bumped often. There’s a popup window that tells the whole thing everytime I log on. I use it as a backup ISP for when my regular service is having problems.

He may not try Net Zero for the same reason I don’t. There’s no local access number in my area for Net Zero or any other of the free ISPs I’ve seen.

Usually, “Such and such suck!” threads get thrown to the BBQ Pit.
BUH-bye! :slight_smile:

I don’t use Netzero because it also sucks. It’s WAY too slow and the mail service just doesn’t work. I did forget to mention that Juno’s mail is alright, but I just can’t stand the internet service.

I was using Freeway or Frrelane, or something like that, for a few weeks, then they dropped coverage where I was, so I switched to NetZero. Then they came out with a gripe about “heavy users,” something about me using 68 hours in December, and informed me that I’ll be limited to 40 free hours. So I got Juno. They were great for about two weeks, then they suddenly (it seemed) went to pot. I rarely can get in to the web side so I’m basically limiting usage with N/Z and looking for something else for backup.

Yeah, Juno blows goats.

Netzero did that to me too. With free ISP’s you get what you pay for, NOTHING! No wonder AOL is so popular, it works! I better get off Juno before it shuts me down like the totalitarians they are.

Is this the pit?

Oh, good.

Isn’t it awful how those free ISPs abuse the users?

Oh, please, let me roll out the pity wagon for you.

Jesus in a carnival, it’s free. You’re complaining?

Break down and spend 15 bucks a month if you don’t like it.

My god. Is there no sense of proportion?

I use Juno.
I have a gold account.
I pay $9.95 a month.
I have NO problems.

For crying out loud, it’s TEN BUCKS! Get over it!!!

Dragonlady, it’s not even ten bucks. it’s only $9.95. You said so yourself.

And I’m outta here because it’s never a good idea to to correct a woman who calls herself dragonlady.

$9.95!!! Are you serious?!

Shit, do you know how much beer I could buy with that?