Jupiter and the Moon

If you have clear skies, check out Jupiter, just next to the moon. If you have a telescope, you should also be able to see Jupiter’s moons too. :cool:

I saw them last night–very pretty. I have convinced myself that I saw two of Jupiter’s moons through the “good” binoculars. I had to rig up something for them to rest on, though, due to constant unconscious movement trying to hold them with my hands. Just in case the neighbours wonder why there was a small patio chair on the trunk of my car…

A few weeks ago I first discovered I can see Jupiter’s moons through my binoculars, and it blew my mind. The great thing about seeing the moons is that they change position every day, so it’s a great way to really see something dynamic happening in the sky and remind you that there are real, moving objects up there.

It’s also convenient to have Jupiter right by the moon, as the moon through binoculars is also amazing. It also shows you how the moon changes position depending on its phase. Just a few days ago, the moon was to the right of Jupiter, now it’s on the left (viewed facing south), as it drifts eastward due to its orbit attempting to catch up with Earth’s rotation.

Caught a good view of it last night; wasn’t sure if that was Jupiter or not and forgot to check my OFA. Wonderful view.

Thank you for this! I was out last night with binoculars looking at the moon and saw Jupiter but wasn’t sure if it was actually Jupiter or not. I mentioned to my wife that it was definitely a planet and probably Jupiter but I wasn’t sure. I think I saw it’s moons too but I can’t be sure. Anyway, I had been wondering about it and of course the Dope provided the answer without my even having to ask the question. :slight_smile: