Juror Qualification Questionnaire Question

I received a letter from them to fill out a questionnaire. Its not a summons and just a questionnaire.

  1. One of the questions ask me have you been a juror in NYS in the last 6 years, or in federal counry in the last 4 years or village court in the last 2 years?
    I only had 1 jury summons and this was around 2006-2008, i do not recall the exact time so it is pretty close to 6 years. I just recalled i had to go to the court sometime in the summer and this was back in 2006, 2007 or 2008. However, i do recall when i went there, i was never selected as a juror, basically i was in a room where there were tons of other ppl and after 2 days i believe, we were all told none of us will be selected then we were sent back. I thus never had a jury summons since that time.
    I assume the answer for this yes/no would be then no? Im not sure if getting a summon back few years ago qualify as if i been a juror since all of us didn’t get to be a juror in a case.
    Also i gave them a phone call at the toll free number and all i get is every operator is busy.
    But assuming someone did serve as a juror in a trial, if they dont know exactly if they were a juror is the only way to find out is go to the actual courthouse? I recalled back then i got a document for proof that i went to the summons but this was 2006-2008 and im certain i threw that document away.

If you were not selected, you were not a juror, so the answer is no.

If you were on a jury and remembered the names of the parties, you could probably look up the case online and get a general date range. Otherwise the courthouse would probably have a record of your service which you could request. You might be able to do it over the phone, depending on how ornery they are.

My understanding, in New York at least, is that as long as you reported for service and remained in the jury pool until you were excused, that counts as jury service and you will not have to serve for the next six years. Which, presumably, is why you did not get another summons until now – sounds like your six years might be up.

This is correct. I actually had to call and ask once, because I got summoned for both Federal court and NYS court at around the same time. If I showed up and served one day in the jury pool, it counted. Being on telephone standby didn’t count if I didn’t get called in.

6 years? You guys are lucky - in the Bay Area once you do it you get summoned every year.

But I agree with **friedo ** - being in the pool is not the same as being on the jury. Here they also ask if you were the foreman. I doubt the exact date matters a lot, I wouldn’t spend a lot of time looking it up, not that you can since we have to fill out the form in the courtroom.

It’s precisely the opposite here in Washington. If you’re called to the courthouse but not selected for a jury, then you can still be called back later in the same week, and you’re not paid the meager fee for jury service.

When you go into court you are putting your fate into the hands of twelve people who weren’t smart enough to get out of jury duty.

Norm Crosby