just a test

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When I forget to close a * tag* Will it stay there *forever? *

[first tag closed - second: used the [ I and ], but not the /.

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I don’t understand the italics in this thread I know it was my fault, but what happened? Why won’t they return to normal, no matter what I try?

Hm. At least two other people noticed it, so there was definitely something odd there… But when I go to that thread, I see nothing remarkable, not even a coding mistake restricted to your post, and nor do I see a mod edit tagline indicating a fix.

In other words, I’m befuzzled.


testing again

What are you testing, Pashnish Ewing?

Ah. Good. That means I’m not the only flabbergasted one. Thanks, Chronos :slight_smile:

I’ve come into this a little late (sorry about that), but is this a coding problem or browser issue?

your humble TubaDiva

I saw it too, I think it was coding. Unless it is an IE6 issue. Or a glitch in the Matrix.

Originally Posted by TubaDiva

Was that a question for me, Ms. Diva? I have no clue. As I said: I’m a :wally
I know the thread is back to normal again. But I don’t know why, or how. Thank you, though.


Liberal, I saw that. :wink: