Just call me Garlicman

Great big fucking hairy elephant dicks, with festering boils and genital warts!

I made dinner on Wednesday. Yummy! Tuna steak, grilled, on garlic toast, with mushroom and cream sauce. As part of the preparation, I had to crush one (count 'em, one) clove of garlic and apply to the bread. Now, not quite comprehending the ramifications of my actions (yes I have swallowed a dictionary), I decided to use my fingers to spread the garlic over the bread. Dinner was prepared, cooked and consumed, no problemo.

Cut to today, three fucking days later, and my fingers STILL stink of fucking GARLIC! Is this a special EVIL genetically modified garlic that you can never wash off? I’ve had six, yes SIX, fucking showers between perparing that meal and now, and the bastard smell is still there. Fucking cocksucker!

(this is my first pit thread ever, feel free to rate-my-rant, comments will be taken under advisement)

I like the smell of garlic.

Maybe soaking your hands in baking soda might help?

Really, Guin? I will try anything, honestly. I swear I would rather smell rancid pork than garlic, I’m that fucking sick of it.

Stainless steel can take the smell off, at least so i read in some post about uh, other smells.

Try lemon juice. Also maybe tomato juice – it works on skunk!

Cecil speaks on stainless steel and garlic

A quick Google search (“remove garlic smell hands”) also produces the suggestions of salt and coffee grounds.


I looked this up on the Heloise site- she’s the high priestess of cooking tips! Try rubbing your hands with vinegar.


Thanks guys, I will try those suggestions. Hey, this thread suddenly has a nice GQ feel to it. I feel better for ranting, anyway!

“No, no, put ICE on the gum, and then hit it with a hammer!” “No, spread peanut butter in her hair!” “Crunchy or creamy?” “I don’t remember… try both!” “You fools, you’re supposed to rub vinegar into the mix!” “Ew… my hair’s starting to attract flies!”


I know that they sell a stainless steel thing that you can wash with your hands that will take the smell off. I don’t know if it works any better than anything else, but it is small and compact and can be kept near the sink. Just for reference, they sell it at kitchen stores, such as Bed Bath, and Beyond. I can see spending the few dollars just for the convenience of having it around. Also works on onion and other cooking smells.

“Even the cook should be rubbed with it.”

  • Balzac, on garlic.

What?- you’re going to argue with Balzac?! :slight_smile:

I read that as one connected thought. It scared me.

(Anyhow, hope you got the garlic smell out.)

Dude, get a garlic press and DEAL.

I mean, at least you cook :slight_smile:

Yep, it’s called a knife.
If you use the sharp side and run it across your fingers, any bits that drop off, just chuck in the bin.
Garlic smell gone !

From what I gather, garlic can be absorbed through the skin in much the same way as LSD. It’s not as much fun though.

There is no such thing as too much garlic.

Garlic, onions… love the smell.

Lemon juice, tomato, and stainless steel are all good ideas. Of course, the only sure way is what Caught@Work suggested. :smiley:

Hope you’ve found a way to remove the odor.

Garlic may smell strong, but it doesnt smell that bad. People who whine about this are ocd having weaklings.

Evil garlic smell gone! Praise be to the lord.

I mixed bicarb of soda with vinager in a stainless steel bowl - that was an interesting event in itself!

I don’t care what you say, there’s something sinister about garlic. Something that smells that pungeant doens’t belong on God’s green earth. On the other hand, it tastes nice, so I guess it evens out.

austen: Garlic press aquired, thanks for the tip.

Hey, I may be ocd, but I’m not having any weaklings (well not at the moment, anyway).

Ummm how do you have a weakling? or is ignorance bliss?

The who with the what, now?

I give up, how do I have a weakling. Is this a mind game thing? I’m scared!