Just do it, for christ's sake!

So I have a mild case of food poisoning. One bout of vomiting, some hershey squirts, but nothing too severe. The only things I’ve ingested today are a small bottle of Coke, 2 liters of water, and coffee. I usually drink it black, but decided to put three single-serving french-vanilla flavored creamers in it today. I noticed a little bit of curdling, but in my dumbassery, I drank it anyway.

So I called work (c-store) and told the guy there what happened, and told him to take the creamers off the counter so nobody gets sick. “OK, let me check,” he says, which really isn’t an answer. Gets back on the line, and says, “They’re good until May 2012!” I reiterate that I think they made me sick, and he should pull them off the counter. “Well, I don’t know…” hemming and hawing.

Dude, I am your assistant manager. Just fucking do it, man! Jesus christ!


Maybe he should try a few to prove they’re ok?


You’re not going to see issues from food borne illnesses that quickly. Your issues did not come from the creamer. Also, as an assistant manager you should call your actual, for real manager before either pulling or instructing others to pull product from the shelves. Really, just do it.

A. I think you’re wrong about foodborne illnesses. Besides, how do you know how long a time elapsed between drinking the creamer and getting sick?

B. You want me to bother my boss on a Sunday about some fucking creamers? No.


Foodborne illnesses deriving from the effects of an enterotoxin can indeed present within a few hours. Diseases that require the buildup of a population of bacteria take longer.

And, yes, your coworker is being a moron. Even if you’re sick from something else, how bloody expensive does he think those things are? Enough to risk making more people sick?

You said you had the creamer today. I also thought it took longer (like a day) for symptoms to set in.

Also you made it sound like it was a huge deal that these creamers be yanked. If you’re really worried about a product giving customers food poisoning, it seems like a pretty good reason to tell the manager about.

Well, it’s fairly important, in case they were what made me sick. And that’s just not something I need to tell my boss right now. She’ll find out when she gets there and sees them bagged up tomorrow morning.


Wants to say thank you. As a consumer, I want to know that you don’t want me to get sick when I visit your store.

Thank you.

Most vanilla flavored creamers that I have seen are dairy-free. Is this the case with the one that you used? If so, is it possible for it to curdle?

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I had EXTREME food poisoning for days (as in, and this is a Stephen King quote, “Didn’t know what end it was going to come out of”) about, hmmm…7 hours after eating a chicken sandwich at a Denny’s that was being remodeled. Lasted for days. The only thing I can figure is that someone unplugged a freezer or something to paint and the chicken went bad maybe.

Indeed. In extreme cases, the second mouthful doesn’t even get a chance to go down.

There are any number of things that could give you your symptoms other than food poisoning. Indeed I would have thought creamer (which is a dried powder) is very unlikely to go off and give you food poisoning. I doubt it was the problem.

In the US there is liquid creamer made from actual cream so it does curdle.

Yes, that is what I had - liquid creamer that did curdle a bit in the coffee. As noted in my OP, I am fully accepting my role as dumbass for drinking it anyway.


I once ate a breakfast sandwich and coffee from Burger King. A few hours later I was violently sick. I had someone call BK and they immediately said it was probably the creamer for the coffee. Well, I drank mine black.

After a few similar situations I wound up in the hospital needing emergency gallbladder surgery. It was the fat in the breakfast sandwich.