Just got a new knee. Your experiences?

Thanks. It’s been a real experience this time. I was able to schedule this so soon because people are holding off on elective surgeries. Our hospitals aren’t overburdened here in RI with Covid cases right now because the state opened some special clinics for those cases. Unfortunately they are short on staffing everywhere and all the nurses and CNAs are overworked.

Congrats on the solid recovery on Knee I and best wishes for Knee II.

Thank you. I am very optimistic now, I see a better future. But these times make everything bittersweet at best.

I’ve had both knees replaced. I got depressed after the second one, and I slacked off during the rehab. I can’t completely straighten that leg. Don’t back off your exercises.

This one is going to take more time I think, the pain level initially is higher and I have less range of motion off the bat. On the plus side, the swelling is not as bad, and I’m not having any ankle issues on this leg to deal with. I’m not going to slack off though, this has to work, I have to get both my legs back into top shape. I’m heeding all the warnings here, from the doctor and the therapists. This is the time to do the work, later may be too late.

That’s true for sure.

I had my knee replacement twenty years ago. I had an accident and smashed up my knee. Several rounds of surgery (one botched beyond belief) and four or five years later, during the last couple of which I could barely walk, I had a knee replacement.

The first couple of weeks were a bit rough. After that, I’ve never had a moment’s trouble. No pain at all, and I can do pretty much anything I want. I’m slowing down a bit at 61, and with three small children, but 75-mile bike rides were a weekend norm for me, and 100 mile rides a couple of times a year.

So, for those who have just had a replacement, or who are going to have one soon – this process works amazingly well. It certainly did for me.

But definitely work the PT.

Yeah, in my experience doctors can be real jerks about pain medication. Basically, you’re not getting any. I’ve been in the same boat. Most of them have no problem with their patients being in excruciating, crippling pain as long as they don’t have to have a record somewhere of them prescribing opiates. You can’t get as much as a Tylenol 3 out of most of them.

You might want to lay off the oxy unless you plan to become a statistic. It can happen.

That was my first knee. I’m taking all of them on this one so far. You don’t become a statistic by taking the prescribed amounts for a real reason. If I need pain killers after another week it’s an indication of a problem and I’m sure the doctor will prescribe appropriately.

There’s thousands who would beg to differ, but of course it’s your choice. Best of luck!

When I was discharged, in pain, after surgery, I asked my doctor about pain meds. He told me to take Tylenol. I told him that if that was the way it was going to be, I’d buy effective pain control on the street, and if I got busted I’d subpoena him as a witness at my trial.

He wrote me a script for way more than I needed.

Really? Can you name one person who stuck to properly prescribed doses of oxycodone and ended up as a ‘statistic’?

I was very disappointed to find out no one on my street was selling oxys, or pretty much anything else.

I am 74 and had my right knee replaced on Jan 5th, 2 weeks ago. They put me on oxy and it was a terrific painkiller. The second day I was using my walker up and down the hallway during therapy. But I was falling asleep every few minutes right in the middle of doing things. I would snap awake with a fork in my mouth while eating and doze off during therapy. I had minor hallucinations frequently, like someone sitting next to me. Plus my kidney function went to hell. They stopped the meds for a day and flushed me out using the IV. Then started on hydrocodone.

I stayed at the hospital until Friday then transered to a nursing home for a week. It was a nice place but no visitors. Been home for four days. Therapist says I am doing well. During all this time I would occasionally get a quick sharp pain deep in the knee. Not a muscle pain. Then last night they came every minute or two and I got no sleep. Tried massage, exercise, ice machine, Tylenol, hydrocodone, nothing has made much difference.

I have a recliner coming tomorrow and am looking forward to it.

Got a recliner before my previous replacement. It even lifts me up onto my feet. I don’t know what I do without this.

The oxys do tire me out a lot. For a while I was way behind on sleep and at some point posted something snarky and stupid in a thread that I can’t even remember doing.

There’s a steady level of pain this time that wasn’t there with the other knee. It’s only been a week but I feel like I’m not progressing as fast, and I’m sure that will turn into a more painful experience to get the range of motion back but I need to get through it. It hurts more to put my weight on the leg now, maybe my muscles just are waking up yet, I don’t know, but I have to grit my teeth and get through this, I really want to walk again.

I’m having more issues this time, but managed to skirt some of the problems. Coming out of surgery my blood pressure was out of control, pretty much the normal state for me. I asked them to check again with a manual cuff* on my right arm. After making excuses for a while they finally admitted they didn’t have a manual in the post-op ward. Hour after hour they kept giving me pills and adding stuff to my IV to get my blood pressure down. Finally down to 160 something over 1 0 something
they let me go to a room. Shortly after that I puked up all the pills and liquids they had given me. I think I lose something every time I go under a general.

Hope it gets better for you fast. Funny, don’t know why, but didn’t picture you as 10 years older than me. I can see this stuff is going to get more difficult as I age. This has to work for me, I can’t see much life ahead if I can’t get around without pain. But today has been better overall, started out a little extra sore this morning for some reason, but bit by bit through the day every time I get up and ,move I can feel the progress. I got measured at 65 degrees of motion in my knee today, I started off a little better last time, but just two days ago I wasn’t far from 0 degrees so the work pays off fast.

Go ahead and update in this thread if you like, I’m curious how it works out for you.

The hardest motion for me right now is sitting on a chair and sliding the foot backwards on the ground as far as you can. I got to 100 degrees once and I thought, “I’m almost there!” Then I see how easily my good knee folds back all the way and I get a bit discouraged.

You’re doing well after just 2 weeks. It’s going to be painful and slow progress at first. They’ll try to get you to 125 degrees or more but you really only need 115 degrees of motion for ordinary life, so you are really close. How’s your ankle strength? That was an issue with recovery from my left knee, it took extra effort to get my ankle to match recovery pace with my knee.