Just got back from Asia and it was fabulous!

The title pretty much sums my post. :slight_smile:

My mother, brother, SO and I traveled around Thailand and Beijing for five weeks to celebrate my mother selling the family business after 18 years. The timing was perfect, the SO and I had just graduated from college and my brother had been working at the family business right after college. We were all ready for a long vacation. Our trip was supposed to include a few days in Japan but my mom got really sick so we had to cancel that part. But the countries we did go to was pretty cool. I got to bottle feed a baby tiger and eat a scorpion (they taste like batteries) in Thailand and experience China for the first time with my special someone. Those things coupled with some nice shopping made the trip the best vacation I have ever had. Oh, and the flying back in first class helped a bit too (my dad works for United so we fly standby).

I must say, Thailand is entirely too hot, the mangosteens were being evil by not coming into season until AFTER I left and Thailand needs to institute animal control like, 15 years ago. China is also too cold and the vendors need to stop grabbing you thinking that will get you to shop at their store. Ah, but if these things changed, they would just be the U.S. with different cultures and languages.

Overall I’m pretty happy with how things turned out.

Now, to look for a job because I’ve never been unemployed since I’ve come of age, and I’m terrified!

They taste like rechargeable batteries or the other kind?

Nickel-Cadmium or Zinc-Carbon battery?

They taste like Energizer Bunny. :smiley:

This should be something that Cecil answers!