Just got back from Slither

I had sneak-preview passes obviously. It had lots of swearing, plenty of gore, no nudity, and quite a few decent one-liners. There was even a Republican joke. All in all, it was better than I expected.

It was similar to Shaun of the Dead, but not quite as good. There were sizeable plot holes, and the ending was pretty flat. But it was worth seeing for the humor alone. The make-up artists did some pretty cool stuff, and a lot of it was very nasty.

If you see it, expect something along the lines of Shaun of the Dead, just don’t expect too much. Also, stay a couple of minutes into the ending credits and listen to the song (no credits gags or outtakes).

I’d be happy to spoil anything in a box if anyone wants specifics.

My first thought on reading the thread title was, “They’re reviving the 1973 film with James Cann, Peter Boyle and Sally Kellerman?” Shows how old I’m getting, I guess.

Well, actually, it’s been so long since I’ve seen it I had to look up who the leads other than Caan were.

Other than that, I got nothin’.

The leads in this version are Nathan Fillion (Firefly, Serenity), Elizabeth Banks (the hot chick in a bunch of movies), and Michael Rooker (the hard-ass guy in a bunch of movies). Jenna Fischer who plays Pam in the US version of The Office also has a bit part.

I adore Jenna, especially as Pam. Her husband is James Gunn, the writer-director of Slither (and also the writer of the excellent *Dawn of the Dead * remake).

Why am I reminded of that 80’s space/slug/zombie movie, Night of the Creeps?

I have one simple question: Would it be worth $9.00 to see?

Tough question, since I saw it for free. However, if a friend insisted that we go to see it, I would not have regretted it.

There is also something to be said for the “crowd effect”, one is much more apt to laugh out loud when others are doing so. Laughter is contagious as well. This makes it better to see it in theaters.

If I traveled back in time and was asked by the past me if I would like it, I would say yes. If one is going to spend $9 on 90 minutes worth of film, might as well do it laughing.

Again, if you liked Shaun of the Dead, you’ll like this movie. If you haven’t seen SotD, you must do so.

Maybe for the same reason that I and a co-worker are so reminded.

It has slugs

That make people into zombies

In a movie!

Just like free pie & chips!

'scuse the highjack, but I saw Jenna on Leno last night and she was as sweet as can be. I hope all you mens out there that have a crush on her were able to see it. She told a cute story about how she begged and begged her husband to let her be a zombie, and the part she plays in “Slither” was his birthday gift to her.

I’ll probably eventually see this just to watch Nathen Fillion play Mal’s Great-Great Grandfather. Though any cheese factor will help too.

Yes, we must support Nathan Fillon!

And if you’re wondering about his place in Wonder Woman…
IGNFF: In the meantime, have you asked Joss about putting you in Wonder Woman?

FILLION: Have I asked him? Listen, I’m at his house every weekend spinning in his yard saying, ‘Check this out, check this out, I’ve got this new spin. It’s a little different this time. Last time was a little faster…[and] it’s a ballerina terms, you won’t understand, but watch.’ I’m all about that. Really fast costume changes, throwing tiaras.

She has a bit part in her husbands underrated superhero comedy “The Specials” (stars Rob Lowe, Thomas Haydn Church and Jamie Kennedy), but that was before they even got together. She’s also the sister in law to Kirk from Gilmore Girls.

Just got back from Slither myself, overall a decent film, but pretty much a remake of NOTC, right down to the stinger at the end of the credits…

after the credits roll, we see a SlugPod on the ground in a barn (probably the one where Non-Violet “Violet Beuregard” was seen originally, a cat approaches the SlugPod, sniffs it, a spike tendril extends, the cat starts to lick it , fade to black, cat yowls in pain

admittedly, they pretty much showed all the humorus parts in the trailer, but there were some decent gore effects, and the CGI walked that thin line between believable and deliberately cheesy

if i hadn’t seen NOTC, i’d have to rate it an 8, but since i had seen NOTC, i’ll knick it down to a 7, not great, but worth watching if you’re a horror, or horror/comedy fan

i did think the collective consiousness of the infected “zombies” was an amusing touch

Argh! Now I HAVE to see The Specials even more. I’m a huge fan of mixing superheroes with self-aware comedy (JLI, The Tick, Mystery Men), and I’ve been wanting to see this movie for years, but never found it for rental and refuse to buy it sight-unseen. But if Jenna Fischer and James Gunn are involved, that’s even more incentive to track it down.


It is very hard to find. I think there was ONE video store in the whole Seattle area that had a copy. I lucked into mine at a Gamestop of all places.

If you can find it for under 10 bucks go ahead and just buy it.
The commentary track by Gunn and the director is pretty good.

A bit of trivia-
It was being filmed just as West Wing was becoming a hit. When they had to call Rob Lowe in for reshoots he was surly and arrogant because he was now a star again.

I finally saw Slither tonight, more for being a fan of Nathan Fillion and Jenna Fischer than a horror fan, but I really enjoyed the hell out of it. It had plenty of disgusting parts, but it was so ridiculously campy and funny and FUN that it shouldn’t bother too many people, the way the realistic gore in a movie like Hostel might. The leads (Nathan Fillion, Elizabeth Banks, and Michael Rooker) were all good, and for a low-budget horror comedy from a first-time director, it was amazingly solid and well-made. The CGI was iffy, but the makeup effects were much better. Slither immediately reminded me of Tremors for the retro-fun horror-comedy vibe and rural/redneck setting, but the Shaun of the Dead comparisons are valid.

Fun notes for the fans: characters were watching The Toxic Avenger on TV at one point, Troma Films founder Lloyd Kaufman (who gave James Gunn his start) had a cameo in the police station, and I’m willing to bet the black and white cat from the final shot after the credits was the same black and white cat that licked Wolverine’s claws in X-Men 2. I imagine out in Hollywood they call on one black and white cat specially trained to lick stuff on cue.

So I wasn’t too far off?