Just got laid!!

Make the students read the stories aloud & in the first part of class, with your lecture/ discussion after.
Have a cheesy smelly Hefner-esque robe on a chair in the corner & have the class vote on whose cheesy chick-a-bow-wow story earns them the “honor” of wearing of the robe for the rest of the 90 minutes. :smiley:

Or even better…have the class hold the worst offenders down while you change their ringtones to this. :wink:

About some students possibly being offended: What I tell my students is that because they’re attending a state college, and submitting their work (on-line) to a computer that is owned by and paid for by the state, they must not submit anything embarrassing that could land on the front page of a newspaper. That, and talking about the Student Handbook and Code of Conduct, seems to encourage the students to self censor.

Although there was a case of “cow-porn” submitted by a student as a paper on cattle breeding, complete with pictures of cows doing it, well, cow style. It was more funny than offensive.

You put up with that bull ?

I am surprised - I am taking a creative writing course and I certainly wouldn’t include my sex life.

You’re more mature than the average 19 year old.

True, we’re all adult students. I just wonder how they ever got into this discussion.

Maybe given the apparent quality of these pieces Just Got Paid, Let’s Get Laid would be more appropriate.

So you teach at a small Midwestern university and never thought this could happen to you?

“Women I’d Like To Fuck”

It’s a coffee table book.

“The night was sultry.”

Hell, just have them go to Literotica and see the variety of stories there. You’ll see the spectrum from surprisingly good to unbelievably bad.

Or less creative.

It maybe be enough of a catch-22. People with an interesting sex-life might just be too busy to write, And the people bored enough to take a class, about it might not have anything interesting in their sex life to write about.

I write sex well. I just choose not to write about my sex life, and certainly not in a creative writing class!

You’re the boss-- just tell the little JHS-caliber scumbags no sex, as in sexual topics strictly forbidden.

I understand a college campus must be crawling with moonbeam/libertarian types sure to howl
“censership!” “fashist!” (their spelling). All the more reason for someone who cares about academic
quality assurance and quality control to take a stand.

Best sex scene ever written, by a friend:

I think sex scenes ended there.

Anais Nin comes to mind as one example of well written erotica… often.