Just got Rising Damp - The Works on DVD

This is one of my favorite 70’s Britcoms.


Rigsby, the landlord, is portrayed by the brilliant (but sadly deceased) Leonard Rossiter (who also starred in the hilarious Fall and Rise of Reginald Perrin). Rigsby is a generally unlikeable type - greedy, bigoted, and narrow-minded. Yet, Rossiter does such a great job, you can help but like him (in a Frank Burns sorta way). Just like Burns (and Archie Bunker, to an extent), Rigsby rarely profits from his unpleasant ways.

One of the co-stars is Richard Beckinsale (who died tragically at the age of 29 of a heart attack). He is the father of actress Kate Beckinsale. I did not know this until I looked up the show on the above website.

The box indicates that this is “The Works - Series 1-4”.

Almost. While it does contain the rarely seen “Stand Up and Be Counted”, it does not contain the Christmas episode “For the Man Who Has Everything” (luckily, I have this on tape).
Any other fans of this show?

Ah. Just me then.

I thought as much.

Don’t feel too lonely, you’re not the only one. I just bought Rising Damp series 1 on DVD, and thoroughly enjoyed it. I really think that Leonard Rossiter is (was) one of the most talented comedy actors. His Rigsby is so sleazy, yet he lets a hint of humanity shine from underneath. I’m planning to buy more (maybe when the exchange rate is more reasonable - the Pound is so high right now!). I also want to buy The Fall and Rise of Reginald Perrin.

I also thought that Richard Beckinsale was excellent. I’d never seen him in anything before, so he was an unknown, but he was great.

I of course mean that he was an unknown to me, not necessarily to everybody else.

He had been in a few other comedies prior to RD. He had great potential and then tragedy struck.