Just got XM radio!

I just took advantage of a paycheck with lotsa overtime to finally purchase an XM radio (Audiovox XR-9 model with car kit and home kit). Of course, the current offer of a 2nd free radio also helped my decision. Let me just say that I LOVE IT!! It’s well worth the monthly charge just for the choices I now have. My favorites are '70’s on 7, Fred, the comedy stations, and MLB games (the reason I went with XM). I seem to have only one small problem–when it’s hooked up to my home stereo (Pioneer RX-560), the sound tends to be distorted unless I turn the volume on the unit down to about 7 or 8. In the car, I have it set to 22 and it sounds just fine. I’ve checked the signal strength; it’s full strength from the ground towers, not so much from the satellite itself. I plugged it into the “phono” jack, which was the only unused one I had. I’d like your feedback on XM, and if anyone else has this particular problem with their home connection (along with any possible solutions).

Hey there -

You email isn’t public, but mine is - shoot me and email and I’ll send you a present (and explain why I’m willing to do so)!

(offer good for OP only :smiley: )


Congrats on the new toy!

Me, I’ll eventually be going the Sirius route. I hear a lot of talk about how XM is the better choice, but Sirius has two things that make it an easy decision for me – Howard (in a few months, anyway), and the NFL.

I went with XM, for the same reasons Hal went with Sirius! :smiley:

But anyway, congrats. Keep playing around with the channels, and hit their website often. There are a lot of specials on the air you don’t want to miss.

Neither is yours, but mine should be now. Try Again. :smiley:

I also have XM and got it several years ago, so I couldn’t address the equipment issue you’re having. If AnnaLucretia’s “gift” doesn’t resolve it, try their 800 number – they’re pretty good about customer support.

I was going to suggest that, if you like Fred, you’ll also like Ethel and Lucy. Those three channels plus Squizz and rancid, are my favorites, although I also like the comedy channels, the techno channels and the blues channel.

And thank you for supporting XM Satellite Radio. Thank ALL the Dopers who chose XM over Sirius. I’m not just a customer… I’m a stockholder as well. Thanks! :wink:

Yay XM!

Now to address the OP. Are you getting a “metallic, tinny” echo sound? Mine tends to do that when I have my Roady plugged up inside into my aux port, but that’s because I really don’t think I’m getting a good signal. I know you said you have full bars, but have you tried moving the antenna to a different spot?

I have the antenna at a South-facing window per the instructions. The sound is not tinny; rather it’s too “bassy”. It sound as if it’s overmodulating on my stereo, resulting in a very distorted sound, which, as I said, necessitates my turning the unit volume down to about 7.

Okay, I’ll bite. Per your signature line, what’s a “smart hip dipstick” doing listening to Howard Stern, fer chrissakes? I thought his audience was limited to 14-year-old boys, “preverts” and prison inmates.

Yep, I just HAD the say that. Flame away :wink:

Re: the OP, check out this XM message board:

Thanx, Carnac ! I think I found the answer I was looking for. It turns out you’re not supposed to plug it into the “Phono” input. :smack: Thanx for the link!

Have a great weekend. :wink:

I had Sirius for a few months until some lowlife piece of grabasstic amphibian shit broke in to my truck and stole my receiver. I’ll go with XM when I get around to replacing it. My primary channels were Air America and Raw Dog Comedy. Now that Air America is going XM-only, I’ll switch. I’m sure the XM comedy offerings are similar to Sirius’.

XM Radio? Sirius? Get serious. We in the wastelands of the North aren’t allowed to have such luxuries. I sent an email to XM about this and they told me…wait for it…that it’s only available in the U.S. I pointed out the minor detail of statehood back in 1959 being in all the papers, and they told me that it wasn’t available overseas. I pointed out the pesky fact that one could walk from here to, say, Florida, if one wished to. I then got some gibberish about satellites (read lies).

So, yeah, enjoy your cool toy while the rest of us remain in the equivalent of electronic Dogpatch…::grumble::

Rented a car for a road-trip.
Had XM in it.
Channels 150 or 151 the WHOLE way.
Awwww yeeee-eeaahhhh…