Just have to share why my mind is completely blown

So I work for a fairly staid, conservative company. We are undergoing a culture change, which I like, but… what’s happening today might be a little too far, too fast. Not sure.

So I’m in a two-day meeting with external customers who represent companies from around the world. Like they literally traveled from their home countries to be here. The point is really that it’s a culturally diverse group. I’ve been participating and occasionally presenting at these meetings for a few years, so I’m comfortable with how they’re run. Business casual but best manners, that kind of thing.

This one is being run by another group in my company. During the breaks they’re playing music. Nice! But, wait… is that…? Ozzy Osbourne? Black Sabbath? Judas Preist? Nine Inch Nails? :eek:

I can’t tell if our customers like it or if they’re just politely ignoring it.

Just in case someone comments that just because I don’t like it, yada yada… 80’s and 70’s American hard rock is totally my thing. I’m loving it. Just not used to hearing this stuff at work, in the presence of our external customers.

Sounds to me like you’re just being paranoid.

Please tell me they didn’t play “Closer.” :eek:

If you think that was clever, you’ve got another thing coming.

Not necessarily. It sounds like the office is going off the rails on a crazy train.

I’d be really surprised to be hearing those artists at work also. I don’t mind the genre but that doesn’t seem like the right environment for it, it’s especially interesting because of your situation with the cultural diversity. I’d be interested to know why the choice was made.

Tru dat! They should stick with tried-and-true favorites like “Head Like A Hole.” :wink:

At most training sessions I’ve attended the speaker has music on their phone or laptop and just asks a different participant each break what they want to hear. I’ve never paid much attention to what gets played; neither to the people around me.

F%$# you like an animal.

JK :smiley:

So a manager finally told the sound person to change the music. It turns out that our marketing department hired a bunch of young people and they apparently haven’t taught them workplace norms. LOL!

I’d probably find it inappropriate.

But I’d be loving it!

And now we have our 3pm break… “Dude look like a lady” :smiley:

Hysterically funny, actually!

That’s embarassing. If you have to go hardcore, go with a lounge music cover ala Richard Cheese.
System of a Down - Chop Suey

Very nice!

FWIW, here’s Postmodern Jukebox, with a 1970s funk version of “Closer.” :smiley:

“Head Like a Hole” is a pretty peppy song, when it’s mashed up with Carly Rae Jepson’s “Call Me Maybe.” :smiley:

Wins in the 2nd post! Here, I have an internet prize for you.

I hope Workplace Norm is nice to those kids. :slight_smile:

Not to hijack, but that makes me feel so old. I mean, how young were they that they didn’t say, “hey, maybe we should bring it down a notch!” Now my mind is blown :blush:.

Or go Radio Disney:

Slipknot - Wait and Bleed (Radio Disney Version)

Now, the sound of this is something quite atrocious: Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, Death Metal Style:

Andy Rehfeldt has a ton of these:

Children of the grave?

[quote=“kenobi_65, post:14, topic:812991”]

“Head Like a Hole” is a pretty peppy song, when it’s mashed up with Carly Rae Jepson’s “Call Me Maybe.” :smiley:


How do they do that?

I don’t mean the creativity, but how do they strip the vocals or the music and keep the opposite part? Is there ready made software available?