Just Hold On {Hurricane Katrina}

I had the great pleasure of seeing Jon Semmes and the Florida Friends here in the Tampa area tonight. They are a local Folk/Country/Bluegrass band and they played their original song Just Hold On {Katrina} off of their album Fire in My Soul. I gotta admit, this tragic and true song based on the horrific experience of Hurricane Katrina survivor Harvey Jackson is a heart-wrencher and very well crafted. This four man band is tight and the tune is memorable. I would even go so far as to say, this is the Edmund Fitzgerald of the new millenium.

Here are the partial lyrics:

Just Hold On {Katrina}- Jon Semmes/Pete Price

Harvey Jackson’s family was all gathered round,
scared about the monster headin’ straight for their town.
But Harvey had been through bad storms before.
He’d batten down the hatches, board the windows, and latch the door.

They were poor, and had no means,
to pack up and get out of the city of New Orleans.

devilsknew, first, I do appreciate you mentioning that you were only quoting partial lyrics. However, it’s still a very, very long quote. I don’t know how long the actual song is, but usually a couple of lines is the limit. Please do watch it in future. For anyone who is puzzled, go to Forum Rules and see Post #2. It’s also part of the Registration Agreement, of course.

Some people have asked for Hurricane Music… This would be my choice. Timely, and heed the message… Smack ya upside yo head Hurricane Zombie.