Just how drunk can you get?

Not, repeat, not a competition

Having said that, can you beat this guy?


I find it even more amazing that he forgave the guy:

Best part of the article!

Russians have this drinking thing down.

They’ve also got that ignore a stabbing thing down, too.

This reminds me of a Dave Attell routine:

“You ever black out? Or as I call it, time travel? You’re in a bar. You’re drinking, you black out. You wake up, you’re in another bar. You’re drinking, you black out. You wake up, you’re playing that knife game with a half-Indian. You wake up, you’re in McDonald’s–working there 3 years, STILL not assistant manager. You want to quit, but you can’t 'cause you’re banging the slow girl on the fryolator. They say she’s retarded, but those titties ain’t retarded.”"

Dave Attell rocks.

Your friend stabbing you in the back. Usually, I mean.

At least he didn’t drive home. :slight_smile:

Anyone but me slightly suspicious of whether the wife merely “noticed” the knife in her drunken, passed-out husband’s back?

One time I tried to cut my buddy’s finger off with a pair of Wiss shears. I was only pretending to be drunk, though.


Yes, Argent? You wanted to share?


He’s being extraordinarily clever. A ‘whiteout’ if you will. Paste over the text.

I’d think in Soviet Russia everyone was drunk.

But I guess that’s just Russia.

Who says politics matters?

I’d say a handle sticking out of my back might be a pretty handy thing to have, actually. Might help my wife improve my ballroom dancing, hmm?