Just how many pies DO we have our fingers in?

Anyone following Venezuela? Isn’t it the world’s 4th leading producer of oil? Interesting coup d’etat. It seems that we met with them before it.


Now, there is a country that decired the US actions in Afghanistan, and it also produces asstons of oil. And now we find out that we met with them? Seems a little too fishy for me. Reminds me of the Congo. I really hope the CIA isn’t assing around like they did all throughout the 60’s in world politics.

I think we seemed to recognize the new leadership suspiciously soon.

No, no, the CIA learned its lesson well, they’ve quit all that assing around in other people’s pies with their fingers…


I’ve been trying to “follow Venezuela”, but I lost my scorecard. Anybody got a cheat sheet? He’s in, he’s out, he’s gone, he’s back, I’m like, “What?”

At least we are all learning how to spell “Venezuela”.

now that we all know how to spell affgannistanne

I was reminded of Indonesia in the '60s. I tried to follow it when I was eleven and thought I had missed something because it was so confusing: Is Sukarno in or out? Then I saw The Year of Living Dangerously and realized it was just as screwed up as it had seemed.

Judging from the brief time I spent there, I can tell you who is the least worried about Venezuela. That would be the Venezuelans.

They have an awesome sense of humor, and stare their own poverty and privation straight in the eyes. They don’t have any illusions about who runs the show, or who profits from it, and they know exactly how much political power they have, which is, to use the local vernacular, nada.

The people I met there were exactly the type of cynical folks who, if given the chance, could form a truly honest democratic government in Venezuela. As it is, the ones who run the show don’t bother to hide it; rather they put their vast estates on display for the people to admire, and deride.

I hope those guys get their chance. They could easily be among America’s best friends.

Ya know, SofaKing, that was always the impression I got of that country, based on absolutely no real information at all. It was just an impression developed over the years. Thank you for affirming it.

As for the question posed in the thread title, pretty much all of them. That’s what we pay those guys at the CIA and the State Department for.