Just in case you haven't had enough bagpipes in your life lately

Sorry, I somehow linked to the wrong scene. Here are the pipes.

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The pipes of the Black Watch played on the South Lawn of the White House for President Kennedy in Nov. 1963; a few weeks later they took part in his funeral parade.

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Thanks! Can’t imagine allowing an unsheathed blade in proximity to the POTUS in current times! Great video.

Yes, it is. The Wiki article on the Black Watch says that they piped these four songs in the JFK funeral parade. I can’t find video of the Black Watch, in particular, playing them, but here they are.

Just the first one here:

And this:

Here’s what I found about the Black Watch pipers’s tribute to President Kennedy’s funeral procession. Quite an honor they gave a young upstart nation.


This article adds two more pieces to the repertoire listed.

And this is a YouTube that, at approximately 32:00 is the newly formed US Air Force Pipe Band playing at graveside in Arlington. If you listen, at the end of the pipes is the sound of the AF jets flying overhead in honor.

I was 13 at the time. I thought our country would recover and that nothing like it could happen again. Young, naive, silly me.

The link you posted isn’t as long as you say.

And no President has been assassinated since JFK, but I take your point. Certainly a lot has happened since then, much of it not for the good of the country.

Thank you. I’m a neophyte at all of this and posted the wrong link. Try this one at about 32:20 for when the AF Pipe Band starts playing for the coffin being carried up to the grave. The jets overhead can be heard towards the end of the coffin being laid at the grave. If you know the name of the piece they are playing, please post or PM it.

Less than 10 years later I was a young adult living in Boston, Massachusetts, which gave me a whole new prospective to the meaning of President Kennedy’s life and death.

It’s called The Mist-Covered Mountains


Here’s a scene from Local Hero (1983) with The Mist-Covered Mountains playing in the background.

(Sorry, no bagpipes!)

It’s a really wonderful, gentle, funny, feel-good Scottish movie. Watch it if you haven’t seen it.

Thanks. Just added it to my watch list. Always glad to have vetted recommendations.

Thanks for the JFK funeral second posting, BBB. You can briefly see and hear the Black Watch pipes at 22:42, as well.

Another piece that is very often played at funerals and commemorative services is The Flowers of the Forest.

The ‘Flowers of the Forest’ were the Archers of Ettrick Forest, the personal guards of King James IV.

They were killed along with King James at the Battle of Flodden (1513), the greatest defeat in Scottish history. It’s said that only one out of the 80 guards survived.

Very moving - thanks. Here’s more on that site:

Local Hero (1983) is one of my favorites and when asked about small movie gems that people generally don’t know, I put that one up there with “My Favorite Year”.

My all time favorite piece is this one from the Riverdance show, with the Irish variation type of bagpipe, the Uilleann.

In this case the air is not coming from the lungs of the performer, but the air in the bag comes from a bellows under the arm of the performer.