Just in case you haven't had enough bagpipes in your life lately

I’m Scottish, or descended from Scotland at least. I love this stuff.

Bagpipes are a love it or hate it instrument.

I love them.

Thread title does not scan …

Our neighbor practices bagpipes in their backyard nearly every Saturday. It’s fun to listen to. For about 5 minutes.

Shipping up to Boston/Enter Sandman mashup with Pipes.

Bagpipes and Cello and Pirates…https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2EXysr5NRiE

Of course it does. Nobody ever has enough bagpipes in their life.

We have a Ceilidh here every year (well, except this one because, you know) and really enjoy hearing the local corps there. There’s also an annual Tattoo in the city we used to live in that we try to get to when we are able. One year the Syrian Army sent their corps.

Who knew Syrians played the pipes? (I guess you have to click on it to see the full image).

Google Photos

I hope at one point we can go to the one in Edinburgh.

Love that so much!

Note that the piper in the middle has a two-drone set; may be reconstructed English, à la the Miller in Canterbury Tales.


Bagpipes may have originated in the Middle or Near East. Origins are obscure. The Great Highland Pipes are simply the best known example. Good marketing.

Nothing Scottish at all in my background, but I love bagpipes. The first time I really heard them played was at a mall in South Africa, of all places. I’m not exaggerating when I say the sound moved me to tears.

Considering the way they sound, this would not surprise me a bit. The exact migration route would be interesting to know.

More pipin’

Here’s a bit from wikipedia:

And this:

And no thread on the pipes would be complete with at least one video of Amazing Grace.

(I didn’t use Scotty’s from Star Trek)

From the Scottish homelands of …Arizona?

I am a goober. That’s the Jordanian Army, not Syrian.