Just in time for the holidays! New Zealand bee semen. YAY!

Apparently we have been deprived of authentic bee spunk from NZ for many years, but this wrong has been righted, effective November 22nd.

My head is filled with questions all of which start, “How do you…” and “Why do you…”

Aren’t us American bees good enough for ya? Sure, lay around the hive all day. When the time comes for bee booty, you fall for the guy with an accent. Jeez. :wink:

Thanks for the laugh!

Bee Porn is up 22% on the Nasdaq.

From the article:

Dinner and a movie?

It’s a seminal event. Assuming they procure a little seed capital to stimulate growth, I could see interest in the NZ product swelling rapidly, with the Kiwi export hitting a real growth spurt, their share swelling rapidly and eventually making a big splash in the world bee semen market, before their market share plateaus and shrinks…

Lots of market buzz about this one.

:smack: Apparently, in my fevered excitement to post, I became a bit, uh, bee-fuddled… I’m a bit bee-wildered about how I could have allowed that to slip through.

Little tiny dixie cups. “Buzzz buzzzz! I’m masturbating like a motherfuck!”

It happens.

“Johnny’s buzzing off! Johnny’s buzzing off!”

How do they “milk” these bees.

Thankgod it’s legal now.

I have a couple of New Zealand bees and it was a bitch putting those little condoms on them whenever they went out at night.

Psst…I have some great bee porn if anyone is interested.

Well, I guess there’s no accounting for taste.
Some people will ingest anything! Hyuk hyuk hyuk :smiley:
Heck, I think a movie that just shows how people would gather bee semen would count as “bee porn.” :smiley:

pull your stinger somewhere else!

Bee semen?! Bee Semen?! All these years about griping to the WTO to lower the US lamb and beef tarrifs and all we get to export bee semen?!

At least our bees are happy. :wink:

Well, some of them are–the queens and the drones who get to “nail them,” to quote Dick Martin. :smiley: