Just @#!*-ing Google It!


Should get used a lot more around here. :slight_smile:


Ah, yes, we need A Guide for the Googolplexed, eh?

Hm. True, people do need to use google more. But I think it would probably be better to just link the person to the google search itself. If you really wanted to express some anger/frustration with the person you could say “here’s a really good site with a whole bunch of information about your question,” but it seems to me that linking to the site in the OP might just end up pissing people off unnecessarily.

Are you one of those self-righteous assholes who’s been hanging around in GQ lately, the ones who contribute nothing to a thread beyond a snide “google is your friend”? If so, just stay out of the fucking thread in the first place. The world already has enough jerks without your contribution.

The site says, “There is an easter egg on the main page.”

What does that mean?

(Should I google “easter egg”?)

I reckon it’s referring to this URL:


…which is buried in a comment tag in the main page source.

Webferret is way better’n google or copernic. thttttttppppppbbbbbbbbbbtttt!!!

Who on earth has the time to do that?

So, fighting ignorant, is that anything like the Notre Dame “fighting Irish?”


See? I used a smilie. That means it’s a joke.

I think I’ll just put it in my sig !

fighting ignorant, does have a point though.
Questions like “Is Carmen Electra (sp.) her birth name?” from GQ are pretty much the only ones I know how to answer simply because I know how to goggle.

On the plus side to that qestion, the OP replied with

Apology accepted :slight_smile:

[Self-Righteous Asshole]
We surely wouldn’t want to impede these highly ‘thought provoking’ queries from being pondered:
[/Self-Righteous Asshole]

How many packets of duck sauce are wasted each year?
What exactly were the “Dark Ages”
What are 401(k) plans?
Any Oriental boxers?
How long could a human being survive on beer?
Why does this watch cost $52,800???
If we all exercised daily, ate perfectly, and didn’t smoke would we die of nothing?
Do breadboxes work?
How do I aim a shotgun?
What do prostitutes do during their period?
What’s a Continental Divide?
Are Germans, Swedes, and the Dutch noticeably different from each other looks-wise?
Does anyone still make overalls for adults?
Eating boogers – cannibalism?
What do dreams mean?
Why do Germans sometimes pronounce “V” as “W”?

Learning to Google comes second. First they need to learn how to use a mouse, how to type, and the highly complex concept that is an “icon”.

As much as I hate easily-googled questions, I wish people would still give proper answers or links to useful sites. Because people who do use Google to find the same information will find that thread. I really hate it when I use Google and all the hits are message board threads with the exact question I had, followed by a bunch of posts saying “just google it!.”

That would be “just fucking google it” to you, buddy.

Well no, it’s just that this board is for fighting ignorants since 1973. I was born in 1973, so I guess that means I belong here.

I am good at Googling. I was raised around computers, reference books, a mother who taught me good spelling and a father who relentlessly punned. I have a really good grip on what will make a search come out right, and what will yield links to see obscene pictures (which is one way for a search to come out right). I just get why certain words are wasted in a search bar, and why others narrow things down right to the point.

At the same time, I know lots of people who don’t. If you’re reading this thinking “who the hell does he think he is?”, or “what does he mean, there are people who can’t do it?” then you’re probably a really good Googler with pretty geeky friends. Think of Google as a tool like a handsaw or a phone book. With practice, you can use one easily; without practice, you’re liable to injure yourself.

I assure you, there are bad Googlers. I’ve had people, usually co-workers, marvel at how I can find the right link on the first try. A friend once complimented me on it, saying that she’d be asking me to do all of her web searches from now on, because I always found exactly what she wanted right away.

So next time you tell someone to “Just fucking Google it,” be aware that maybe they’re not as practiced with the tool as you are, and that using Google – as amazingly intuitive as it may be for you – might actually be something of a frustrating effort for them. Show a little compassion. And wow 'em with your badass Googlery.

I would be one of these bad googlers. I seem to have to do about six flipping searches to find anything useful. That is one of the reasons I love it here, all you expert googlers.

So exactly what is Google? Calm down. Joke. I know what Google is. I also have a decent home reference shelf, a car with which I can drive to the library, paper on which I can pen queries to the great thinkers of our time, and a telephone which allows me to communicate with almost anyone in the world who is willing to speak to me. These resources, combined, can not only answer almost any question that may occur to me, but also provide me with independent information about the sources that allows me to evaluate the reliability of the answer(s) I get. It’s a wonder that anyone bothers with sdmb at all. Except it isn’t. This forum permits me to ask a question, get several answers and critiques of those answers, some responses that may refine my question so that it is more precise and productive, and a few comments that provide additional information that I didn’t ask for but should have or that suggest other areas to explore. On top of that, it is a social forum, which means I get to have a dialogue with real people, one of whom might tell a joke or say something friendly or otherwise brighten my day. And to get all this, all I have to do is type a little and then be prepared to scroll past those folks who are boiling with indignation because they had to be sitting at their computer playing with the internet and then had to waste time replying to a thread to tell me that I was wasting their time. Then I get to someone who knows the answer, or part of it, and does not consider it beneath them to reply because it makes them happy to help, or they like meeting people, or they take the Straight Dope mission seriously, or they think the question is a waste of time but realize the best way to close a GQ thread is to answer it.