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I know everyone always says this but what happened to this generation? I am 26 and i am talking about my own generation. I work hard for everything i have. Since dropping out of college because of money issues so i started working. I found a job in a lab that does genetic testing on food products. In the 3 short years there i have moved up to the top i am the boss i run the lab. And it just blows my mind how inconsiderate, childish, immature these kids and i do stress kids are. Who told these kids that they DESERVE something or that something is not FAIR. I want to know who ever said that life was fair because i found out really quick that life is not fair. It just blows my mind no one wants to work and expect to have everything. No one understands that there is a system of balances. You cant work 60hrs a week and have an active social life. You also cant just work when you want to but expect to have a repspectable job. Let me know what you think about my generation am i the only one who sees it an also is there any one else born in the late 80’s early 90’s that live like me?

I hear you. But you blame your generation. Don’t! It’s my generation, the Baby Boomers" that fostered this entitlement that your generation now has. I call it the Princeton, Yale, Harvard Business syndrome. Somewhere along the line the sense of earning ones material things and moral sense got lost by the lawyers, bankers, politicians and business men of those schools. They decided that a profit was not good enough each quarter but an increase in the rate of profit was needed. To gain that effect Madison Ave played upon our senses and fears that we have to have the best and have it now. Never mind if we could afford it. Of course this is very simplified and I could go on for days about all the “reasons” that lead to this sad state of affairs. Suffice to say we see the same picture.

Next thing you know they’ll be playing on your lawn.

People in our generation are too soft (I’m 26 too). We grew up in a time of great prosperity and abundance. Not only did we never have to worry about having enough to eat or being sent off to war, we watched hours of TV every day with a remote control in our hand, and then came the internet and cell phones. Cable TV, cell phones and the internet have accustomed us to instant gratification and an obscene multitude of choices. Also, growing up surrounded by consumer culture has made us cynical, self-absorbed and materialistic.

Basically, we haven’t had to make many sacrifices so we don’t have much character. I’ve recognized this flaw in myself and I’ve been trying to correct it.

The fact that your horrendous writing style is easily noticeable in both posts, supposedly from different posters, is what gave you away.

I am not sure; at least the second poster was able to form complete sentences. :dubious:

This kind of stuff was said about the “generation” 2000 years ago in ancient Rome. It means nothing, the outside conditions change, people got more educated on average and technology changes the playing field in different areas.

I still thank my Latin teacher for sharing that little tidbit, so I did not have to buy into the back in time everything was better stuff.

I don’t think anything has really changed. Weren’t 90’s kids already dropping acid by then?

I’m still trying to wrap my head around how a 26yo college drop out gets to be lab supervisor.

My great-grandmother was the one who clued me in to this. Shortly before she died (near 100), she told me that I should never believe anyone who tells you that people in the past were fundamentally different than they are now. She lived through 2 world wars, the depression, etc. - and still she said she could clearly see that the nature of humanity was unchanged.

Also, I am a biologist and I’ve never heard of a lab manager that had anything less than a bachelors degree. Masters is more common around here. Either this is a pretty shitty lab, or someone is telling some little porky pies.

Sir, you horrendous reply needs lots of polishing. Talk about ignorant! And be sure that both post are two separate people.
Now, say something constructive or get out.
This is exactly what we’re talking about.
Are you willing to give your age or what generation you’re from? And be honest. I won’t come and get you. :rolleyes:

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The OP wants me to believe he/she is, ‘Oh so superior’, to their peers, and is the big boss at the lab, but can’t find or function a shift key?

And my 104yr old Gran told me the same thing. Go back and look, there has yet to be a generation that didn’t get slagged on for not measuring up to the last. It’s just a part of the human condition to view the world this way, most likely. Just like conspiracy theories, or doomsdayers, every generation gets their share, including the lazy and entitled.

You’ll notice a maturing, in a large portion of these young people, as they learn some life lessons from experience, etc.

I almost always view such arguments as the Op, as a lamely transparent way of bragging that they are just so much better than their peers. Of course when it’s presented by someone apparently unaware of the function that punctuation plays in language and clear communication, well, it is to giggle.

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First off i am a 26 year old college drop out and i am in deed a lab supervisor. yes they like people to have degrees but it goes to show you what hard work and dedication can do. We are not a shitty lab we are a 2nd party testing facility for one of the largest producers of beef in the nation. It is funny that this site says that it has been fighting ignorance since 1973 it seems that there are quite a few ignorant people on thinking they can post and bad mouth without asking questions why dont you ask about me ask how i got to where i am? instead of just calling me a liar? Anyway i really dont care what you have to say about me the post was not about me it was just a rant on how terrible people are im not saying things were better in the old days im just saying how shitty it is we have to deal with ignorance. people who want something for nothing when others are killing themselves working to give themselves a better life than was originally given to them.

Meh, I love generalizations as much as anyone, but I can never get behind generational generalizations.

Some kids (anyone under 30 is a kid to me) work hard; some do not. It’s been that way since we began working upright.

It’s always someone else’s fault.

Aggh! Perhaps put a smidgen of that ‘hard work ethic’ to work on making your posts readable?! Nothing says “dedication” and “attention to detail” quite like run-on sentences and complete lack of puncuation. We only have your words here to judge you by. So far, the only thing that smacks of truth is the “college dropout” aspect of your posts.

Okay. How did you get to where you are with such a poor command of the English language?