Just read Asimov's "The Gods Themselves" - Question re the plot >SPOILERS<

Re Asimov’s story "The Gods Themselves"one part I didn’t quite get is in the part discussing the aliens at the end of the aliens section in the middle it appears “something” is going to happen re the now fully integrated genius alien scientist “Estwald” of the para-universe possibly working with the Earth universe to fix the energy transfer imbalance that’s going to blow up the Earth’s sun… but then nothing (I can see) comes of that in the book. No more of the para universe aliens or their actions regarding fixing anything is mentioned and Earth has to figure out how to fix the imbalance themselves.

What am I missing here? Is re-integrated Estwald just a dick looking out for his own universe?

Estwald represents a young adult coming to terms with a nasty truth. Their sun is dying, nothing they can do about that. They can’t continue living without a source of power. The optimism of youth and the black and white thinking about how it’s wrong to destabilize another universe to save your own and therefore you’ll sit by and let your people die rather than make that choice has faded. It’s sad, but in the end you hold your nose and do what you have to do. Maybe Estwald had hope the natives of our universe could figure it out, maybe not. In any case, the part of Estwald that was once Dua is obviously sad about the fate of our universe, but still made the decision to go forward with the plan. Eventually they’ll have enough natural law that is more like ours that the stars in their universe will begin becoming larger and hotter. Maybe they can then colonize a new planet around a more stable star and their people evolve more solid bodies and not require the ability to pass through each other and other things as much.

It does seem sad that Estwald doomed his universe as they know it as surely as they doomed ours(as far as they knew).