Just Saw RAY, Wow!

Jamie Foxx is amazing. Hope he gets a Oscar nod. The supporting cast has great chemistry, and the music… :cool:

I saw this about a month ago at an advance screening.

I agree that Jamie Foxx’s performance deserves a deafening WOW. Utterly spectacular. Brilliant.

Too bad the movie around him is so bland, predictable, and paint-by-numbers. Ray deserved better.

I’ve not seen *Ray *but Foxx really impressed me in *Collateral *and has made me curious to see Ray. He’s come a long way since his In Living Color days.

I wanted to start a thread to say the same thing. Foxx was great, and I really liked the movie- in part because the music was such a major presence.

Foxx was great but the movie was just enough to keep my interest. Not bad by any means, but I agree that Ray deserved a little better.

I really disliked that they used


as a central part of the story.