Just saw S1m0ne... AAARRRGGHHH! [major spoilers]

Wow, I was really liking that movie. Not perfect, lots of little plot holes / logical implausibilities to be noticed such as:

  • A non-computer person (Viktor Taransky) figures out how to manipulate a high-tech computer simulation of a person in less than nine months
  • The computer that runs Simone comes fully loaded, with easy-to-read buttons, more CPU power than the average supercomputer, and can even project a perfect hologram
  • The people in the movie buy it completely, without ever guessing the truth

Now, I can consider these points forgivable – it’s okay for a storyteller to “forget” technical details in favour of a good story in my mind – especially if it’s a half-comedic story, as this movie’s is intended to be (I think). But what the hell was the director thinking in the third act?

Seriously. Taransky dumps the disks and the frikken hard drive on which Simone’s entire being was recorded into the ocean. They mysteriously vanish with not a single trace or explanation offered, and yet, somehow, a teenage girl is able to ressurect Simone with a couple taps on the magic keyboard than can do frikken anything. The computer didn’t even have its farking hard drive!

I screamed – real loud – once I saw Simone being magically reconstituted out of nothing. What about the farking disks? Why weren’t they in the box? What happened to them?

Can anyone please explain this? Is there an alternate version of this movie? 'Cause from what I saw, there are some huge gapping plot holes in this two-thirds-of-an-enjoyable-movie.