Just some stuff about Sudoku...

It turns out, being good at Sudoku can earn you money - US$500 in prize money, in fact. And any event with both Samurai and Showdown in the title is worth participating in, just for a boost to your awesomeness.

British airways sent out a memo banning their flight attendants from playing Sudoku during takeoff and landing. But seriously, what else are they supposed to do? They can’t use PSPs or mobile phones. They might as well go mad, get it over with.

Sudoku even overshadows a AU$1 million trial which lasted 60 days, involving firearms and drug related charges. Perhaps the Sydney legal system can earn back some of the money by forcing criminals to participate in Malaysian sudoku competitions. And this is an interesting development:

which is something I wouldn’t have otherwise known. Thanks Sudoku!

Any more recent stories featuring the world’s latest puzzle trend?