Just Speaking Out.....

… with the voice of my favorite cowboy, if y’all wouldn’t mind?

Thanks, from the “German Boy” who loves The Duke!


Yessir! I SURE do pledge my ALLEGIANCE!

Thanks for accepting me as my adoptive country in 1970 when I had to become naturalized to serve in our USAF!

I’ve never felt prouder of myself.

Thanks and thank YOU!


Yeah, I know…

The country isn’t as he wants it to be, but we are still in this together, and we need to get back what we have lost.

I also know that John Wayne might not be the hero I consider him to be - for YOU.

Doesn’t matter, though, does it?

Just my opinion.

What other actor can you name who is/was as patriotic as John Wayne?

  1. Gary Sinise

  2. Tom Hanks

Who else?

I WELCOME all answers: pro and con.



Jimmy Stewart, Lee Marvin, James Arness, Clark Gable, Jack Palance – WWII military service, honors and awards, injuries, etc. One website says Audrey Hepburn was a courier (civilian).

We usually pull together when it’s time. :slight_smile:

Ronald Reagan, who wrote this about the Duke.


John Wayne respected and loved our country. I liked the last line from the Alamo. “We do the right thing and we get to live, We do the wrong thing and we get to live but will be dead inside…” Well, something like that. He had integrity.

Erm… wasn’t Wayne a draft dodger?

Cecil doesn’t think so.

The Master speaks.

Moving thread from IMHO to MPSIMS.

Okay, so perhaps not a draft dodger, but it certainly sounds like he was all talk.