Just the car I want.... NOT

Porsche just announced that they are coming out with a 450-horsepower SUV. Who would buy such a monstrosity?

I’m certainly in the SUV demographic (45 years old, mother of two teenagers), but my 185-hp Saab turbo convertible has more than enough acceleration, power and speed than I’d ever use (0-60 in 8 seconds, the top speed I’ve driven it is 115 mph before I chickened out.)

All I can think of is that it will be targeted at men with…um… adequacy issues in other areas. For what they’re invariably going to charge for it, they’d better include a lot of viagra!

They are running a teaser campaign for it- you see it in the distance, from the back, etc.

I have no interest in one, and I too am the correct demographic- mid 30’s, two kids, good money, already have two overpriced SUVs!

But I would never buy a car to replace my Land Rover from a company with no experience in the market. If I wanted a race car, Porsche would be my first choice. But not for an SUV.