Just trying prying mudbugs from my cold dead hands

My old friends old home town had an interesting event: link safe for work


Personally I think the holes in the building can be plugged by a few mudbugs. But then again, there was a shortage so they need every mudbug they can get their hands on I guess.

The guy was apparently a “sovereign citizen”, which translates to “loony tax denier and general neanderthal”. This is basically a piece with the folks who think gold fringe on an American flag in a courtroom invalidates all decisions made by that court.

Holy shit, I love crawfish as much as the next person, but if they are out Ill get shrimp or crab … :eek:

And people with the middle name “Wayne” are usually so nice…

Maybe his cable tv access show was recently canceled…

Well the guy is about to get a quick and very convincing lesson in what wins as between realpolitik on the one hand and one’s personal views about what should happen when you use the magic words “sovereign citizen” about yourself on the other.