Just watched the Journeyman pilot, some thoughts...

No spoilers in the OP, spoiler-boxed spoilers after that.

First up, I thought it was pretty good. Not great, and I can see it going down a bad road with the lesser aspects outweighing the good, but I can see the potential (reminds me of the Heroes pilot…not great, but paved the way.)

One of the best parts was the use of music when the main character (I already forgot his name,) goes back in time. He went to the late 80’s and late 90’s, and especially in the 90’s, with Sara McLaughlin and Oasis playing in the background, you really “felt” like you were back in that time period.

The pilot did a neat little half-twist. You easily guess what he “has” to do when he keeps going back in time, but the not full extent. And there are a couple of scenes that just made me go “holy damn!”

Spoilers up next…

Where did you see it? Has it premiered already?

Overall I thought it was good, and the parts I thought were really crazy was when he saw his ex-fiance back in time with him, with her briefly explaining some “rules” to him, and then at the end when the bus slams into Neal sending him flying twenty feet. I realized the wife and son needed saving, but not until Dan was on the Bus with Neal at the end did I realize that Neal was going to kill them, and that Dan had to do a complicated loop of saving Neal, making sure Neal’s GF had the kid, then making sure Neal didn’t kill them, which entailed essentially Killing Neal…after having to save him…neat twist.

I was actually surprised the toolbox was still there. Given that the ex-fiance (who it seems was thought to have died in a plane crash, but I guess “flashed” moments before,) told him not to change anything he wasn’t suppossed to, coupled with it raining both when he buried the box and dug it up, made me think that the “powers” that controlled his flashing “erased” his toolbox trick. But I guess it looks like at least his wife will know he goes back in time. Sure, one toolbox under the patio might not be enough, but he can certainly do other things, and eventually, she’ll be convinced.[/spoiler]

So if anyone else has seen it, or has questions, feel free to post. (And in case you’re wondering how I got to see it, I explained that in this thread. (Basically, you can DL them for free from Amazon.com.)

You can also take a United flight to Denver and have it foisted upon you.

I love Kevin McKidd in a dark and unholy way ever since Rome, but I thought this was basically an updated Quantum Leap. Am I wrong?

I’ve seen it. I’d say it has potential, but it also has the potentially to go horribly wrong. Time travel is hard to write, and easy for writers to write themselves into a box or not pick up all the nuances and paradoxes involved.

Done right, it could be great. The pilot was reasonably entertaining, and I really like the lead actor. He was great as Vorenus in Rome. So I’ll keep watching, unless it starts to suck badly.

Sort of. Dan doesn’t occupy the mind of a person from the time he goes to, he has his own physical body (which looks exactly like he does from 2007, so he can pose as himself if it’s a reasonable time frame,) but basically yes, it seems he gets sent back to “right” the “wrongs” of the past.