Just what is a "wonderwall" anyway?

So some Oasis came up on my MP3 shuffle this morning, and I got to wondering just what a " wonderwall" is. Anyone know?

From this site:

It was also the title of a movie that George Harrison did the soundtrack for.

It’s a reference to a George Harrison album and song (and movie I believe).

From http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0065224/plotsummary :

So in the context of the movie, Wonderwall refers to the wall between the crazy man and the beautiful girl. I can relate.

Oh dear. Some questions are really better left unasked. “What does this Oasis lyric mean?” is, most definitely, one of those questions.

And I say this as someone who ranks What’s The Story Morning Glory in the Top 10 of the 90s .

I thought this thread was going to be about the band Travis’s song “Writing to Reach You”

What’s a wonderwall?

YOU are.

You’re my wonderwall!

That was my thought too. Damn you for getting to it first! :wink:

If you ever have to ask: “something-something-Oasis-something?”

99% of the time the answer will be: “something-something-the beatles-something

Huh. I thought it was just a gibberish word, but it actually seems to mean something. Thanks all.

And I was totally expecting someone to come in here and say what Seven did. Didn’t they claim they were going to be bigger and better than the Beatles?

by the way, anybody heard the ryan adams version of the song?

excellent stuff. ryan adam’s oeuvre is kind of a mixed bag, but this song ranks up there with anything off of “heartbreaker.”

That’s not the 60’s martini lounge-style version, is it?

(Which some radio station played, jokingly, as being “the original version”.)

it’s more like the “i need some prozac” version.

No, no, the lounge version of “Wonderwall” was by Mike Flowers.

It’s one of the coolest game show bonus rounds I’ve ever seen.