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Usually I wouldn’t post glowing accolades for something I saw on television, but I couldn’t help it here–I actually got online when I wasn’t intending to, just to post this.

I’m watching the U.S. Gymnastics Championships right now. It’s sponsored by some sort of financial company called John Hancock.

This in and of itself would also be no big deal–but then I see one of John Hancock’s commercials.

It starts by focusing on the face of a small Asian infant. It then zooms out to show the woman holding it–a white woman who is talking to another woman. It becomes apparent that she has just adopted this child and is taking it back to the States. “We’re gonna be a family now,” she says.

“Yes, we are,” replies ANOTHER WOMAN. Yes, John Hancock has just aired a commercial showing a lesbian couple adopting a child. And it’s wonderful. I got all misty watching it. The commercial ends with the two women telling one another that they’re going to make great moms. I know I’m not doing it much justice, but it was really touching.

And this is a financial company. God knows that most people with money are Republicans, and may not appreciate a financial company expressing viewpoints that they don’t much like, such as gay adoption. And that makes it even more wonderful–a company who MUST realize that the ad would cause a backlash still has the courage to run it.

So let me just say now that John Hancock rules, for knowing the true meaning of the phrase “family values.” I am SO impressed.

Wow - never heard of the company and haven’t seen the ad, but you’re right, that’s a pretty ballsy move. I’m impressed. My little sister was an orphan in China, though her parents are decidedly heterosexual.

By the way, I have about $3.42 to my name and I’m probably going to vote republican :smiley:

Thanks for sharing that, Drain! I’m going to be on the lookout for that commercial now. That is one of the coolest things I’ve heard in a long, long time! Awesome. Just awesome.

I am going to have to see that commercial. That is an incredible thing for an insurance company to do. I am very impressed.

Don’t just say nice things about it here! Call them up Monday. Thank them in person.

Then buy some insurance from them. They’re a reputable company; been in business forever. You probably won’t get ripped off.

And I am not with Drain Bear right now… So yes, I was watching gymnastics. Sue me.

Anyway, since there is a chance that some peoople who dislike the adverttisement might complain, anyone who found the ad refreshing might wish to send them a complimentary note as well.

The website for the company is: http://www.jhancock.com/

If you wish to send them a comment, CLICK HERE for a form which will enable you to send them a message.

I did, FWIW…

Yer pal,

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