Just when you think all those people that natter about conspiracies are loons, this pops up

Wow… just wow. This is like something from a cheap novel.

Duped by a blonde too good to be true, ‘Dirty DUI’ victim seeks redemption

A woman flashes her breasts at the man in a bar, she gets into her car and drives away, the man (who is drunk) gets into his car and follows. How is that a set-up?

All the good stuff happens here in Contra Costa County.

So he didn’t get to bed her, then?

Read the linked article. The charge is she was hired by a private detective working for his soon to be ex-wife to damage his reputation and his chances for success in the divorce and custody proceedings by making him look like a less fit parent via the DUI setup.

Yeah I read the article. I don’t see how any of that makes a difference to the fact that he chose to drive drunk.

Moving thread from IMHO to MPSIMS.

Good point, but she got him drunk, flashed him in the bar with her friend and asked him to follow them, and a policeman was told to look for him. Certainly his fault for drinking too much, but also certainly a setup.

Honestly, I think we should give them an award. If you’re that dumb, you deserve a DUI. Seriously guys, your goal in life should be to be smarter than a pair of breasts.

Gee, the ex-wife sounds like a real sweetheart:

And this is a good thing? “I just wanted to get him drunk and turn him loose on the highways; I didn’t want him to actually get arrested. I mean, if he killed somebody, that’s a small price to pay for a better divorce settlement.”

Tell me this isn’t the same guy who went to the hotel room where the three women he was seeing tied him up and glued his thing to his belly?

I agree that Dutcher should be held responsible for his actions. He did choose do drive his car while drunk.

But the other people in this situation should also be held legally accountable if they encouraged somebody to get drunk and go driving.

I didn’t know that any 49 year-old men actually went to the Old Spaghetti Factory for a date…

I would imagine that they encouraged him to drive and assured him that he wasn’t impaired. Now, a fellow experienced with drinking would know he was plastered, but his judgment was obviously impaired at that point. :slight_smile:

While Mr. Dutcher is responsible for his actions in driving intoxicated, you have to admit the whole thing smells really bad on other levels.

The private investigation service is responsible for encouraging the man to drive drunk. He actually drove DUI at their encouragement, so they’re parties to a crime.

It appears - it’s disputed, but come on - that the police were in on it, which means the cops are participating in encouraging people to drive drunk just so they can arrest them, rather than expending their resources on, you know, catching people who would have been driving drunk anyway.

And all this appears to have bene set up in the hopes of manipulating a custody arrangement and the lives of young children.


It’s possible it was done to protect the lives of young children. A friend of mine, KNOWS that her ex drives drunk with the kids in the car when he has them. He tried to lie to the divorce judge about a DUI when he was supposedly sober. I could see her going to extremes to get proof he was still driving while drunk.

Yeah, I can kind of see the wife’s point of view - if she knew for certain that he does drive drunk, but didn’t want to outright get him busted on a DUI, then at least some kind of proof would help protect the kids and shame him with the evidence, so maybe he’d knock it off. Instead, we get corrupt cops, a DUI arrest, and everyone comes out looking like crap.

And my Ex told the judge I drink eight liters of wine a day. :slight_smile:

When you think you are going to have sex with a hot woman, you stay sober for it. It’s the coyotes that require booze first. Duh.

So an ex-showgirl gets taken to Spaghetti Factory on a second date by a guy who looks like that and he truly thinks it’s going to be a panty dropper?

How dumb is he?